10 worst actors on hugely popular TV shows

10 worst actors on hugely popular TV shows – There are some amazing shows out there, very popuar, well written, etc etc, but often there is always a weak link in the chain. One or some of the actors let the side down and just can’t quite perform up to standard.

So Mandatory ousted some of those actors in it’s list and we thought we would share the list and see what you think?y

Chandler Riggs, Carl Grimes on “The Walking Dead” – Totally agree! He has been mildly improving lately.

Kaley Cuoco, Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” – I actually think she is pretty good!

RJ Mitte, Walter White, Jr. on “Breaking Bad” – What!!! I think he was great as the sun! Skyler annoyed me way more.

Laura Prepon, Donna Pinciotti on “That ’70s Show”

Adrian Grenier, Vincent Chase on “Entourage”

Cathy Cahlin Ryan, Corrine Mackey on “The Shield”

Nolan Gould, Luke Dunphy on “Modern Family”

Jonathan Ahdout, Behrooz Araz on “24″

Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld on “Seinfeld” – Agreed! Funny but not a great actor!

Gillian Anderson, Dana Scully on “The X-Files” – Disagree, although the show often sucked!

See Mandatory’s thoughts and the full post here.

Scarface star Steven Bauer dating 18 year old Lyda Loudon

Scarface star Steven Bauer dating 18 year old Lyda Loudon – Scarface is a pretty old movie now so pretty much any actor from it must be pretty old! Well Steven Bauer who’s best known role was in the movie is 57 years old. Now the gossip media have decided to make a big deal because he is said to be dating 18 year old Lyda Loudon, an aspiring journalist.

Seriously though, this isn’t news, is it? I know a 39 year age gap raises eyebrows but so what, it’s not our business, it’s the business of them and maybe some of their loved ones.

So let us just wish them the best and leave them alone.

Do you agree?

Philip Seymour Hoffman leaves $35M fortune to partner instead of kids

When Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away it was a shock but the actor hailed as one of the best of his generation (maybe ever) left a significant fortune of around $35million and it wasn’t long before people were wondering what would happen with the cash!

Well now it seems the actor left instructions for it to not go to his kids! He didn’t want them to be seen as trust fund kids. A move many other stars have been making lately.

However he did give it to his partner, the children’t mother! So they will still see benefit and won’t be left poor!

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How Is The Guy Who’s Eaten Pizza Everyday for 25 Years Still Alive?

Pizza every single day! It sounds like a dream that could quickly descend into a nightmare but for one man it’s been his life for about 25 years!

Turning vegetarian for ethical reasons at 14 the boy who hated veggies quickly turned to a pizza only diet! Fast forward 25 years and you’d expect an obese man near death but no he seems in great health!

Dining at chains, local joints and making his own the nuances of the dish keep him going and loving his diet. One bowl of bran cereal is added to his diet for health, of course! He eats about 2 pizzas a day and has coffee for breakfast!

I guess in reality many people eat bread and cheese everyday so it’s not that shocking when you really break it down.

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Stars Who Got Their Start on Reality TV

Stars Who Got Their Start on Reality TV – Reality TV spews a lot of people into the world of fame and right back out again! So many people pass through the revolving door of reality TV and you never hear of them again! It’s not really a star making medium for the many but for the few, well that is a different story.

There are quite a few stars that have had a reality TV start though and below are just some including some surprises:

Emma Stone - 2004 VH1 reality competition In Search of The Partridge Family

Jennifer Hudson – American Idol

NeNe Leakes – The Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes – American Idol

Julianne Hough – Dancing with the Stars

Johnny Knoxville – Jackass

So there are many more and some of those can be seen here.

Prince George Celebrates First Birthday: 10 Cutest Pictures From His First Year

Prince George Celebrates First Birthday: 10 Cutest Pictures From His First Year – The little prince just turned one on Tuesday (July 22) and he has certainly been a big star. The Royal family has seen a sharp rise of interest as the Prince has stolen the hearts of many.

Now, looking back over the year there are many many cute pics, some snapped by the ever present press and some from professional shoots.

US Magazine has put them all together and they can be seen here.

Glee star Naya Rivera in shock quickie wedding to Ryan Dorsey just three months after breaking up with fiance Big Sean

Glee star Naya Rivera in shock quickie wedding to Ryan Dorsey just three months after breaking up with fiance Big Sean – So the Glee star deserves congratulations for her wedding of course. It’s said when her engagement to Big Sean ended in April she and her close friend of many years got romantic and their whirlwind ended in this marriage!

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Orange Is the New Black popularity prompts wardrobe change for American prisoners

The show Orange Is the New Black has risen steadily in popularity and it now it has prompted a wardrobe change for American prisoners according to some news reports!

The problem comes because the Netflix streamed show has started to make it fashionable for members of the public to wear the orange jumpsuits. The cheap fashion is being worn by some around malls and out and about.

Now, sometimes inmates of certain prisons do work out in the community. The fashion being worn by real inmates and by the public could lead to some genuine confusion.
So News.com.au has reported that Saginaw, Michigan County Sheriff William has said that inmates uniforms are now being changed to black and white stripes to save confusion,

It’s crazy that a Internet show has had this impact!

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US man Robert Kemp charged with hugging 14-month-old boy to death

A US man named Robert Kemp has been charged with hugging a 14-month-old boy to death.

The 27 year old was finally taken into custody on Tuesday a year after the incident and was released on a $10k bail the next day. He was said to be a family friend according to some sources.

The warrant said he gave the child a bear hug, he squeezed the 14 month year old so tight that he stopped breathing and died.

Kemp says that he stopped playing with the baby after he was rubbing his eyes looking tired. He says he put him in the crib and went away for a while. He realised he had not heard the child in a while so went to check and says he found the baby on his stomach with his hands in fists.

Another person in the home tried CPR with no luck.

Kemp could face 5 years in prison in this sad case.

More details on News.com.au.

Beauty queen Amanda Longacre sues Miss America after it deemed her to be too old to win

Beauty queen Amanda Longacre is suing Miss America after it has deemed her to be too old to win and stripped her title.

The rules of the pageant deem that contestants must not be 25 by the end of the year. Amanda’s birthday is in October and the title was stripped 2 weeks after she won the the Miss Delaware title on 14th June.

She says she was honest throughout, supplied her drivers license and birth certificate and even asked if she was definitely eligible!

She is suing for $3 million and to have her title reinstated but the suit also includes others who have faced a similar issue.

In a statement the organisation said “This case has no merit and we will vigorously defend it,” but they are saying they will allow Amanda to keep her scholarship.