9 unconvential pets you can actually own

So according to Buzzfeed throughout the USA you have the possibility of owning so super cute critters beside your standard cat, dog, hamster variety! So what are they? Well….

1. Skunks

2. Teacup pigs

3. African Pygmy Hedgehogs

4. Fennec Foxes

5. Wallabies

6. Capybaras

7. Wolves

8. Muntjac Deer

9. Sugar Gliders

The rules and laws vary state to state so you can’t own all of these everywhere but you can likely get one of them in your state and even into Canada. However there are many questions beyond the what you can have.

But I don’t think we should be encouraging the breeding of these animals for pet use. Many of these are practically still wild, even if a few generations in, and probably should be protected and nurtured in their own habitat. We have a hard enough time with too many domesticated dogs and cats being bred for pet use, what would happen if we start having an overflow in all of these animals too?

I think it’s fine to own any of these, and more, when they are rescue cases but I don’t think they should be sought from pet shops. However I kind of believe the same for cats and dogs too. We need to empty the shelters first before we allow the breeding to be the supplier of dogs for pets.

Maybe I am being a bit too controlling in my ideals but to me it always seems like the animals get the rough end of the stick because we selfishly want them in our life.

What do you think?

Stars who have overcome tragedies MSN

Stars who have overcome tragedies MSN – Nobody is immune from tragedy and like all of us many celebrities have had to overcome awful experiences. Of course, if it happens during their fame, the media is always waiting when it happens too and often they speak and publicly deal with something that should be very private. You have to feel for them during these times!

Here are some celebrities that have had to deal with horrific tradegy sourced from MSN.

Lea Michele was head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Glee co-star Cory Monteith, when he died suddenly last July.

Jennifer Hudson was on top of the world in 2008 with roles in Dreamgirls and the Sex and the City movie under her belt, when her mother, brother and nephew were shot dead by her sister’s estranged husband.

Liam Neeson tragically lost his wife in 2009 when the actress, Maid in Manhattan star Natasha Richardson, died in a skiing accident.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston lost their son in 2009 when the 16-year-old hit his head during a seizure.

Kanye West was left bereft when his mother Donda died in 2007 after complications from cosmetic surgery, having undergone liposuction and breast reduction.

Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes took her own life in February.

Supermodel Petra Nemcova was in Thailand when the 2004 Tsunami hit. She survived by clinging to a palm tree for eight hours but her fiancé, photographer Simon Atlee, drowned.

TLC sold around 30 million albums worldwide thanks to hits like ‘Unpretty’ and ‘No Scrubs’ before their rapper TLC, centre, died in a car accident in Honduras in 2002.

Mike Tyson lost his four-year-old daughter Exodus in 2009 when she got tangled in the power cord of an exercise treadmill at the family home.

Nelly lost his sister Jackie to leukemia in 2005.

And more can be seen here.

We have all suffered some tragedy either big or small and no matter who you are you can never be immune to the hurt it brings.


Jeffrey Chapman fears murder tattoo may sway jury

We all know that people are often judged (and misjudged) on appearence so it’s understandable why Jeffrey Chapman, who is up for murder, is worried about a neck tattoo that reads the word he is accused of in mirror image. He is worried that it may cause some influence against him in the jury and is asking to be transported to a professional tattoo facility to have it removed or covered up.

Jeffrey Chapman is accused of killing Damon Galliart in 2011. Damon Galliart’s body was found by hunters in a ditch. Sadly for Chapman, Barton County’s sheriff in Kansas, where he is currently held, says he has no issue with it being covered up but doesn’t agree with transport him to a licensed premises. In Kansas tattoo work has to be done at a licensed premises so it’s not an option for someone to come to Chapman.

The DailyTelepgraph.com.au reported

Chalie O’Hara, Wichita defence attorney, said a tattoo doesn’t have say “murder” for it to cause a problem in the trial.

“Whenever you try a jury trial the appearance of the defendant makes a lot difference,” O’Hara said.

Chapman’s attorney says in a motion the tattoo would be extremely prejudicial if seen by a jury.

This is an interesting case because I genuinely can see how his appearence could sway anyone to be slightly negative but the jury has to try and be fair and listen to a case despite the appearence of anyone involved. Also the fact this story is out means that people, including the jury, are now aware and have seen the tattoo even if it is removed.

Do you think it should be removed?

Wife sues after husband killed by swan

In April 2012 a man drowned and died after being attacked by a mute swan as he was tending to the animals as part of his job at an apartment complex in Illinois. Now his wife is suing with blame directed at the Bay Colony Drive complex, Hillcrest Property Management and bosses at Knox Swan and Dog. She says they did not realise the danger he was in especially with mute swans who are highly territorial.

The man was tending to the swans which lived at the complex and were in place to keep geese away. He was in a kayak when one attacked, knocking him out of the kayak. It’s said the swan continued to attack and later the man was pronounced dead from drowning. His death was found to be an accident.

The NY Daily News reported that the wife’s suit says that “the defendants’ violated state Animal Control rules where owners of animals that attack can be held liable for damages” and she is seeking unspecified compensation.”

I’m wondering if dealing with such dangerous birds should be a two man job, especially if they are known to attack. However I would probably not even think of the dangers if I picked up a job looking after these kinds of animals, despite hearing previous horror stories of swan attacks.

Personally I have only ever been chased by geese.

A sad and unnecessary death. Even though this kind of death is very rare it does go to show the respect we should be giving to all wild animals.

Giselle Mendoza killed after car slams into apartment

A terrible tragedy has happened due to what appears to be yet another drunken driver. A car ploughed into the side of a LA apartment block early sunday morning killing a 16 year old girl who was sleeping in her bed. A 14 year old who’s room was also ploughed into happened to be sleeping on the couch that night so her life was spared.

CBS reported that an eyewitness said the car was going around 80-85 mph and didn’t even falter as it ploughed into the Palmdale apartment complex early on Sunday morning. The girl who was pronounced dead on arrival was 16 year old Giselle Mendoza, a high school student. Her family has of course been left devastated and the suspect was placed on bail or $100,000 which he made. His charge is vehicular manslaughter.

What a terrible, terrible story! More can be read on CBS here.


14 Hilarious Eyebrow Fails

A lot of articles have been published recently and you can find image searches revolving around a bunch of (normally 14-15) eyebrow fails. These are almost always all women, some with tatooed eyebrows, some with monobrows, some cartoon like drawn on eyebrows etc etc.

Sure you may think these look bad but lets get real people, looking at and judging the fashion sense of other human beings, especially when directed against women, is just sexist bullying, it’s cyber bullying. How do you think this person feels when they discover that it is them who is being spread on the likes of the list sites and all the people redoing these posts. We love a good list, even a funny list, and think there are times when commenting on certain things are fine but the way people dress or the things they enjoy doing is not our business to look down on or mock.

So, DON’T go looking at these funny eyebrow pics and laughing. Just accept some people are different and like different things to you.

Do you agree? Or do you honestly feel it’s ok to mock and bully some people.

Thanks for hearing me out.

The 8 Biggest Film Box Office Disasters of All Time

Some movies are so terrible it’s no surprise they flop beyond belief, destroy careers, ruin studios reputations and basically leave a trail of destruction. Other flops are a small surprise, simply released at a bad time, not promoted correctly or just too mediocre to raise real interest.

So lets take a look at some of the biggest box office disasters of all time and see if you have had the pleasure of seeing any of them!

BATTLEFIELD EARTH (2000) Budget: $73 million, US Box Office: $21 million

THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH (2002) Budget: $100 million, US Box Office: $4.4 million

HEAVEN’S GATE (1980) Budget: $40 million, US Box Office: $3.5 million

TOWN AND COUNTRY (2001) Budget: $90 million, US Box Office: $6.7 million

CLEOPATRA (1963) Budget: $44 million, US Box Office: $26 million

HUDSON HAWK (1991) Budget: $65 million, US Box Office: $17 million

CUTTHROAT ISLAND (1995) Budget: $98 million, US Box Office: $10 million

ISHTAR (1987) Budget: $55 million, US Box Office: $14 million

THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN (1988) Budget: $47 million, US Box Office: $8 million

HOWARD THE DUCK (1986) Budget: $38 million, US Box Office: $16 million

THE POSTMAN (1997) Budget: $80 million, US Box Office $17.6 million

ZYZZYX RD. (2005) Budget: $2 million, US Box Office: $30. Actually made just $30 on it’s first run!

MEET DAVE (2008) Budget: $60 million, US Box Office: $11.6 million

SPEED RACER (2008) Budget: $120 million, US Box Office: $44 million

Ok, ok, we know that’s 14 on the list, not 8! That’s because we extended the list and included all the titles in the slideshow from Yahoo. The slideshow has more details too and can be seen here.

Have you seen any of these movies before? I have seen a few and yes they are pretty bad! Some not so bad though. What’s the worse movie you have ever seen, and don’t say Troll 2!!!

Thanks for reading.

10 Disastrous Crew Visible Mistakes in Movies

It’s inevitable that every movie will have a mistake somewhere and obviously some are hard to spot but when you find out about them it’s amazing how glaringly obvious they really are!

These days you would think with digital tech that it would all be cleaned up before release but maybe the film makers just decide to leave it in, just as something to spot!

Anyway below are 10 movies with disastrous mistakes that you may or may not have spotted before!

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Crew Among the Orcs

2. Black Hawk Down – Civilian in the Humvee

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Cowboy

4. The Matrix – Camera Seen in Doorknob

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Crew in the Corner

6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Dueling Scene Blunder

7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Cables and Ropes, Oh My!

8. The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Mic Wire Clearly Seen

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Crash Mat for the Killer?

10. Men in Black II – Safety Harness Visible

The list above was put together by Movies Talk and full details of each mistake can be seen here.

One mistake that I always clearly remember but wasn’t crew visibility issue was the gas canister on the back of a chariot in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator! Part of me likes this mistakes though and as a filmmaker I wonder if they sometimes leave them in intentionally for the fans to pick up on!

What mistakes have you noticed before?

16 Alarming Airline Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Flying

Yes some of these secrets are alarming and yes you don’t want to know them so stop reading right this minute!

Still here? Well I tell you again, stop now. Some things are just better not knowing and some of these quite horrible truths / half-truths will play on your mind mid flight when you can’t get away from them!

So, Huffington Post gathered a bunch of these secrets and also talked to experts to get the truth behind them. Below is a summary of the secrets and I suggest you click through to the main article to get more details on them all.


Dim lights are meant to prepare you for evacuation, not sleep.

You can unlock a lavatory from the outside.

You’re breathing engine air*.

Those blankets have NOT been washed. Also, there’s a solid chance your tray table has poo on it.

The captain is allowed to arrest you mid-flight*.

You can be upgraded to first class after takeoff

Pilots fall asleep while they’re flying*.

People steal the lifejackets.

There are hold-on handles in case flight attendants get shoved off the plane.

You can ask for the whole can of Coke.

Those masks only give you 15 minutes of air (kinda*).

Flight attendants sometimes withhold your dinner, hoping you’ll fall asleep.

You shouldn’t even TOUCH plane water*.

The cabin crew doesn’t get paid until you take off*.

Pilots get served separate meals in case one makes them sick*.

Your flight attendants probably aren’t following cell phone rules.

Some of these are pretty disturbing but maybe not as bad as they seem. Head on over to the Huff for the full details and caveats here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/31/airline-secrets_n_5043463.html

20 celebs who have aged terribly

This morning I saw a post talking about 20 celebs who have aged terribly. As soon as I see these kinds of posts my face contorts into a position of disgust. Not disgust at the celebs who have supposedly aged badly but at the world that thinks it’s ok to judge people in such a way and describe it as media or entertainment.

So what if someone is older, that’s actually a fact of life, it happens! And those with botched surgery, well if they were not fearful of being judged for looking older or not looking a certain way in the first place then they never would have wanted the surgery in the first place.

Next time you see a list like that please do yourself a favor and don’t click on the link, don’t engage in this kind of “entertainment” and be a little less fickle.

Do you agree?