10 other ways to beat jet lag

10 other ways to beat jet lag – Jet lag sucks big time and the standard way ti beat it involves eating well, getting appropriate rest bring comfortable socks blah blah blah, but hey that’s really boring!!! Let’s take a (satirical) look at some alternatives!

10 other ways to beat jet lag

1. Get really really drunk – Now some people actually use this one. They get really drunk on the flight and then that doesn’t stop until after a return home! Constantly drunk means no hangover

2. Take a boat – Not always possible but if a boat is available it may take so long that you can adjust oer time!

3. Adjust before you leave – Weeks before you leave keep changing your time by an hour a day until you are running on destination time!

4. Never adjust – Just keep on your time all the time in your destination.

5. Stay awake until you crash – Sometimes staying awake for a few days will knock you out so heavy on arrival that you will be forced to adjust!

6. Drink large coffees if you need to stay awake – Having trouble staying up, dose up on caffeine and power through! This could cause you some serious problems though!

7. Wear an ice pack on your head – Ice can keep you alert, wear ice (it’s stylish) and you’ll stay alert and awake no problem (but you may get a numb head!)

Oh wait we are three short! That means you have to join in and put some other silly / semi-serious ways to avoid it.

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