13 tips refinance for 2013

13 tips refinance for 2013 – Refinancing can be tricky especially with stricter rules surrounding borrowing following recent events in the world! So when filling for a refinance it’s good to get as much of it right as possible.

13 tips refinance for 2013

With interest rates fairly low right now it could be a good time to refinance. Your payments could potentially be much lower with a huge interest drop. Of course it’s not necessarily easy to refinance so you should carefully put in an application and consider all the factors.

Refinancing is a big decision and one that will incur a lot of paperwork, checks on your credit and potentially higher monthly payments if you are trying to shorten the length of your loan.

So what tips can be dished out? MSN published a list of 13 useful tips and here they are below.

Just do it.
Check your credit.
Get a referral.
Shop around.
Don’t forget about fees.
Research the mortgage company.
Gather all of your paperwork.
Prove your home’s worth.
Time your refinance.
Give HARP a try.
Do the math. All of it.
Try a shorter loan term.
Consider the what-ifs.
So what do think of these tips? More details on each one can be found the article by MSN here.

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