2012 highest paid ceos in the world

2012 highest paid ceos in the world – How much money does one person need? Well whatever it is it is clear that the highest paid ceos in the world earn far more than anyone would ever need!

So how much do they earn? Salaries are varied in som eof the worlds biggest or most profitable corporations but it’s no surprise that the numbers are all in the several millions and then when ou add on compensation in the form of things like stock options it’s mind blowing how much they are pulling in!

I don’t have access to 2012 data yet but this data from AP and Forbes for 2011 should be fairly close to the 2012 figures (although 2010-2011 did see a 16% rise so that may be something to factor in).

From AP

  1. David Simon, Simon Property Group, $137.2 million, up 458 percent
  2. Leslie Moonves, CBS, $68.4 million, up 20 percent
  3. David M. Zaslav, Discovery Communications, $52.4 million, up 23 percent
  4. Sanjay K. Jha, Motorola Mobility, $47.2 million, up 262 percent
  5. Philippe P. Dauman, Viacom, $43.1 million, down 49 percent
  6. David M. Cote, Honeywell International, $35.7 million, up 135 percent
  7. Robert A. Iger, Walt Disney, $31.4 million, up 12 percent
  8. Clarence P. Cazalot Jr., Marathon Oil, $29.9 million, up 239 percent
  9. John P. Daane, Altera, $29.6, million, up 278 percent
  10. Alan Mulally, Ford Motor, $29.5 million, up 11 percent

Sourced: http://www.therichest.org/business/50-highest-paid-ceos-2012/

  1. John Hammergren of McKesson – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $131.2
  2. Ralph Lauren of Ralph Lauren – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $66.7
  3. Michael Fascitelli of Vornado Realty – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $64.4**Prior-year figure.
  4. Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $60.9 *Received $1 in salary
  5. David Cote of Honeywell – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $55.8
  6. George Paz of Express Scripts – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $51.5**Prior-year figure.
  7. Jeffery H. Boyd of Priceline.com – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $50.2**Prior-year figure.
  8. Stephen Hemsley of UnitedHealth Group – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $48.8**Prior-year figure.
  9. Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. of Marathon Oil – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $43.7
  10. John C Martin of Gilead Sciences – One-year total compensation ($MIL): $43.2

Sourced: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eggh45jef/highest-paid-bosses

Seems like an obscene amount but I guess the companies can afford it!!!

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2012 highest paid ceos in the world


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