The Best Month For Selling a Home

Best Month Selling Home – I am sure you have heard it a gazillion times “the best time to sell your home is in the spring”. Now , this is standard real estate talk now and although it isn’t a phrase without merit, it isn’t exactly looking at all the factors involved and doesn’t localise itself to everyone’s situation. Lets take a look at what does make the spring months good for selling but how you may benefit from selling, or at least listing your home for sale at other times too.

The Best Month For Selling a Home

The Best Month For Selling a Home

The Best Month For Selling a Home

Home sales tend to peak between April – July with sales falling in August and into the Autumn. The general belief is that the school holidays provide the perfect time for families to move and the warmer weather makes a general better environment for such activities.

However this doesn’t necessarily tell the whole picture. Sure, there are a lot more buyers and your home probably looks spiffing in the wam and fuzzy spring light but everyone and their dog fights to get their home on the market at this time of year so you have to be ready for the fact that competition is very high.

That doesn’t mean you can just buck the trend and throw your home up in the Winter either, expecting to have no competition and catch desperate buyers. It may happen but again it depends on many factors.

I have read some theories that your home will generally sell quicker in the Spring months but that a September through til November period could yield a slower sale but more serious and higher bidding buyers.

Other people are saying February is the time to get the home on the market so that you catch those very first Spring buyers before the market has become saturated.

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All very valid thoughts.

You also have to factor in a lot of local factors into your thoughts. If you live in an all year warm climate the seasonal weather is more or less a no worry. If you live in a terrible climate then obviously the winter is pretty much off limits for selling. You can’t expect much of people in freezing conditions in general! In Hurricane areas it may be worth waiting until the season is done and dusted, people may be weary knowing a new home could just get damaged as soon as they purchase it!

Job patterns and expansion of local industry could tie in well with migration patterns. If you hear a new business is coming to town and bringing xx new jobs it could be worth holding off until that point, if you live in a seasonal area then you may have better luck selling at peak. A ski area may have far more residents in the winter months and a beach area in the summer.

Anyway these are just some factors to consider. The right month to sell your home may not always be the most obvious one, sorry we couldn’t give you an exact month, day, time of day and time to the minute!

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