Biggest scandals of 2012

Biggest scandals of 2012 – It’s been a big year for scandals and 2012 will be a year to remember for many negative reasons. Of course there were many positives too but lets take a look at some of the scandals that rocked the media.

Biggest scandals of 2012

Lindsay Lohan IRS and much more – She had assets seized due to back taxes, punched someone and the headline “Charlie Sheen gives Lohan money”  came up because he gave her $100k to help out! Oh and she went to Jail. Yikes!!!

Kevin clash scandal accused by 4th victim – In a very sad story the voice of Elmo has been accused by 4 men who claim he sexually assaulted them as teens. The case is ongoing so we don’t know the outcome yet but he has resigned from his position.

Hope Solo defends Jerramy Stevens on twitter – A mess!! Jerramy was arrested for violating parole which nvolved an assault supposedly of Solo. He then married her the day he was released from jail and she took to Twitter to defend him!

Angus T Jones two and a half men “filth” – Talking to a Christian website Angus appeared in a video talking about his faith and called the show he stars in filth!

David Petraeus affair – The head of the CIA had to resign after it came to light he had an affair with his biographer! Pretty big scandal news.

Lance Armstrong loses Tour de France titles – Armstrong lost the battle of denial and was finally proven as far as anyone can tell of taking banned substances all along! As well as having his titles stripped Lance Armstrong was dropped from Nike, Busch and his own charity Livestrong.

Ann Coulter uses the r word – During the third presidential debate Ann took to Twitter to call the POTUS a retard! That didn’t o down well obviously and of course Ann Coulter apologize for retard comment.

Jerry Sandusky sentenced 30 years – In a terribly sad story ex Penn State coach Sandusky was sentenced for 30 years for 45 counts of sexual assault. Jerry Sandusky is seeking a less restrictive prison.

More of the years scandals cane be read on MSN News.

So what scandals did we not mention that rocked your world or shocked you? Do you even consider some of these listed as scandals or just more of the same old celebrity BS. Did you think the year was worse than the previous?

Hopefully 2013 will be problem and scandal free (I know, hoping for a bit much there!).

Anyway, thanks for reading and please take the time to drop a comment below.

Biggest scandals of 2012

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