Bizarre ideas that made millions

Sometimes the most bizarre ideas are the ones’ that make people their fortunes, people have made millions and millions from crazy ideas such as the pet rock! In this post we’ll take a quick look at that and a few others that make it to the crazy and bizarre but profitable pile!

Gary Dahl made headlines with pet rock

Gary Dahl reportedly made $15 million from Pet Rock, one of the most bizarre money makers in history! Gary Dahl invented Pet Rock after listening to friends complain about their pets and the Pet Rock stones were bought at a builder’s supply store to start his business. He packaged them in straw and the Pet Rock box had breathing holes in it. Oh and how can we forget, it came with an official training manual titled The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock. Although initially popular in the 70s you can now get a USB Pet Rock!

Ken Ahroni, founder of Lucky Break Wishbones

A simple concept, Ken Ahroni wanted to make more wishes possible since there’s only one wishbone in a Turkey! Ken Ahroni had to find a plastic that would break like bone and his idea was born! Now Lucky Break Wishbones makes over $2.5 million per year and Lucky Break makes 30,000 wishbones each day! Now if you really want all your wishes to come true 400 Lucky Break are $195.99, worth every penny, don’t you think?

Ashley Madison dating site for married people

Life is short. Have an affair is the sites slogan! Ashley Madison has over 16,580,000 anonymous members proving that the controversial idea is quite the draw! Also Noel Biderman has made millions in profit with Ashley Madison which some may see as a little immoral and Fox refused to broadcast Ashley Madison commercial at Super Bowl do bolster that! Still it’s going from strength to strength and Ashley Madison is receiving roughly 1,800,000 unique visitors per month.

Byron Reese has made millions from Santa Mail

The concept was ridiculously simple, send letters out from Santa with a North Pole post mark to kids at Christmas for a small fee! Byron Reese and Santa Mail sent birthday cards from Santa as well and it’s made absolutely millions! Byron Reese started Santa Mail to honor his mom and Santa mail sent over 315,000 letters. Byron Reese sold 10,000 letters from Santa the first year which is pretty damn good! Byron Reese started Santa Mail in 2001.

More of these crazy ideas can be found on Msn’s slideshow.

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