Boy finds WWII bomb

Boy finds WWII bomb – I always wanted a metal detector and was sure I could uncover some cool stuff! I remember finding a metal tube in my local woodland and being convinced it was an old WWII bomb, of course it wasn’t, it was an old gas cylindar but hey we can’t all be as lucky as Sonny Cater.

Boy finds WWII bomb on first time using his Christmas present

Boy finds WWII bomb

Boy finds WWII bomb

Anyone who gets to use a metal detector as a kid is convinced they will find something really cool. Maybe the gateway to a hidden city, maybe a secret stash of treasure, maybe a historical relic!!!

Well Sonny Cater struck lucky with his Christmas present,  £30 National Geographic metal detector. On his first time out exploring local fields near his home in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK he found a metal box which of course he took home to show his dad.

Washing mud off the box his father became suspicious and decided to call up a member of the family who happened to be a former RAF armourer.

The family were told to contact the police right away and a bomb disposal squad were sent to the home to get the device and safely dispose of it. It happened to be a 10lb British practise bomb from WWII. Jackpot for Sonny but sadly he didn’t get to keep it!

However Sonny does get to keep the awesome story and many major news outlets have published it too so he can always have proof!

I would have loved to find something like this as a kid! Did you ever find anything cool?

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