9 unconvential pets you can actually own

So according to Buzzfeed throughout the USA you have the possibility of owning so super cute critters beside your standard cat, dog, hamster variety! So what are they? Well….

1. Skunks

2. Teacup pigs

3. African Pygmy Hedgehogs

4. Fennec Foxes

5. Wallabies

6. Capybaras

7. Wolves

8. Muntjac Deer

9. Sugar Gliders

The rules and laws vary state to state so you can’t own all of these everywhere but you can likely get one of them in your state and even into Canada. However there are many questions beyond the what you can have.

But I don’t think we should be encouraging the breeding of these animals for pet use. Many of these are practically still wild, even if a few generations in, and probably should be protected and nurtured in their own habitat. We have a hard enough time with too many domesticated dogs and cats being bred for pet use, what would happen if we start having an overflow in all of these animals too?

I think it’s fine to own any of these, and more, when they are rescue cases but I don’t think they should be sought from pet shops. However I kind of believe the same for cats and dogs too. We need to empty the shelters first before we allow the breeding to be the supplier of dogs for pets.

Maybe I am being a bit too controlling in my ideals but to me it always seems like the animals get the rough end of the stick because we selfishly want them in our life.

What do you think?

Wife sues after husband killed by swan

In April 2012 a man drowned and died after being attacked by a mute swan as he was tending to the animals as part of his job at an apartment complex in Illinois. Now his wife is suing with blame directed at the Bay Colony Drive complex, Hillcrest Property Management and bosses at Knox Swan and Dog. She says they did not realise the danger he was in especially with mute swans who are highly territorial.

The man was tending to the swans which lived at the complex and were in place to keep geese away. He was in a kayak when one attacked, knocking him out of the kayak. It’s said the swan continued to attack and later the man was pronounced dead from drowning. His death was found to be an accident.

The NY Daily News reported that the wife’s suit says that “the defendants’ violated state Animal Control rules where owners of animals that attack can be held liable for damages” and she is seeking unspecified compensation.”

I’m wondering if dealing with such dangerous birds should be a two man job, especially if they are known to attack. However I would probably not even think of the dangers if I picked up a job looking after these kinds of animals, despite hearing previous horror stories of swan attacks.

Personally I have only ever been chased by geese.

A sad and unnecessary death. Even though this kind of death is very rare it does go to show the respect we should be giving to all wild animals.