Drew Carey $400 tip on a $250 bill

Drew Carey seems like a lovable funny man. As a host and a comedian he has one audience respect. So it’s no surprise that people may want to serve him at restaurants but they have another reason too.

He is supposed to be a great tipper!

One story of his tipping glory comes from a time when he was dining at Arnie Morton steakhouse in Los Angeles. He racked up a $250 tab and threw down a huge tip! A $400 tip on top of that.

Wow, that must have been a good night for the staff.

David Beckham also tipped like this one time.

Jessica Alba the Honest Company valued at nearly $1 billion

A lot of stars have side businesses and Jessica Alba is no exception. Her side project is doing pretty darn well too!

The company, readying for it’s first public offering, managed to raise a staggering $70 million and reached a nearly $1 billion valuation!

Good work Jessica!

Read more about it here: http://www.businessinsider.com/jessica-alba-honest-co-raises-70-million-at-a-nearly-1-billion-valuation-2014-8

David Beckham leaves $900 tip on $100 bill

David Beckham has gotten some flak in the past for not being too clever but the star had an amazing football career and in many respects has silenced his critics with the projects he has taken on since he left the field. Despite everything he has always been seen to be a nice guy.

So it’s no suprise he is a good tipper. However once he reportedly left a hell of a tip. He was at the Joxer Daily’s Pub in Culver City, CA with fellow LA Galaxy team mates and racked up a $100 bill. However he was feeling especially generous and laid down an extra $900 on top!

Drew Barrymore doubled up the bill for a 100 percent tip

Drew Barrymore has been a mainstay of Hollywood for many many years now and the star certainly has a fortune but being rich doesn’t make people automatically great tippers.

However Ana Oritiz (of Ugly Better fame) used to be a bar Tender and she revealed that she served the star twice. Both times she said Drew paid up a 100 percent tip, doubling up on the bill.

Go Drew!

James Dean last meal reportedly apple pie and milk

On September 30th 1955 the world lost James Dean. He swerved to avoid a car and died as he crashed his own car into a ditch. The rebel without a cause was sadly lost to us all but his image and legacy endures.

So what was his last meal on this planet? It’s reported that he stopped off at Tip’s Coffee Shop in Castaic Junction and ordered apple pie and milk. His last known meal.

A real sad loss.

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Princess Diana last meal asparagus and mushroom omelet and Dover sole

The world was left in shock and sadness at the death of Princess Diana back in 1997. She was sadly chased to her death by Paparazzi in Paris.

She didn’t know that day would be her last on earth but she was fortunate that her last meal was at a restaurant at a hotel owned by her boyfriend Dodi’s father.

She was reported to have eaten a nice meal consisting of Asparagus & Mushroom Omelet appetizer, Dover Sole with Vegetables Tempura. Dodi was said to have eaten Grilled Turbot Tattinger and drank Champagne.

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Justin Bieber charity hair auction $40,668 gentle barn

Do you remember Bieber’s hair back in 2011? Then you remember it gone right? Well what on earth happened to that hair!

You would be forgiven for thinking it probably slinked off and started a pop career, then miserably failed before going into obscurity. That didn’t happen!

It wasn’t swept up and thrown away either though! The hair was delivered to Ellen, who then put it up on Ebay (not for her own profit)! The prize went through the roof and reached $40,688!

The cash went to a good cause. The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue charity! Great cause.

GoldenPalace.com purchased the hair and had plans to put it on show on Bieber tours, to earn more cash for charity. We are not sure if that plan came to light!

Julia Child last meal French onion soup

Julia Child inspired so so many in the kitchen. The renowned chef showed many in this world just how good food could be and that we could make it ourselves too! So what on earth did she have for her last meal on this earth?

A classic, that’s what she had! Before her 2004 death she was fortunate to dine on a french onion soup, with cheese and croutons. A fine last meal if there ever was one!

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Ted Bundy last meal steak fried eggs hash browns

Ted Bundy committed horrific horrific crimes and was sentences o death. On detah row you get offered a last meal and the choices tend to attract a little fasination for some reason! Faced with one last meal and knowing of your death is a strange predicament.

Bundy was inhuman in many ways but he breathed, slept and of course ate. But when it came to the last meal choice he actually refrused. So they offered him a few choices and he ended up eating steak with fried egg and hash browns. A simple meal choice.

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John Belushi last meal lentil soup

John Belushi is seen by many as a comedy god! A shining light that burned out far too soon, his own fault due to the severe beating he gave his body with drugs and alcohol. His death from heroin abuse is a sad and sorry tale but his legend will endure and we can all remember him for the good things he brought this world.

Now something more trivial, what on earth was his last meal?

Well, it was reportedly a simple lentil soup. He ate the meal at Rainbow Bar & Grill, so at least he got to experience it in some level of comfort!

I like lentils but would be sad for this to be my last meal!

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