Wilt Chamberlain volkswagen

A series of commercials showing how your car isn’t good for someone surely is not a good idea! However at 7’1″ it was no suprise that basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain could not fit into a VW Beetle. BUT his 6’6″ teammate Bill Cunningham could! This showed it was just fine for most Americans and VW had a winning campaign on it’s hands!

Matthew Broderick Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad almost never happened, it was flipped around networks, there was umming and arring but it did hit the screens and we are sure everyone involved is extremely happy for that :)

Casting was up in the air too with insiders reporting that both Matthew Broderick and John Cusack being given scripts and options to take the roles. Although Cusack denies he was offered it.

Broderick hasn’t publicly commented (to our knowledge).

However we wouldn’t have anyone else rather than the dad from Malcom in the Middle playing Mr White :)

Jeremy Irons Silence of the Lambs

I don’t think there is any doubt that if Jeremy Irons had been cast as Hannibal Lecter, as he was said to have been offered, in Silence of the Lambs that he would have done an amazing job.

I can see him playing the role exceedingly well. However the fact is that another amazing actor took the helm and steered the character into his own waters.

Irons is said to have turned it down because he didn’t want to play another dark role after finishing Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune.

Hopkins obviously really did the role justice!

Tom Cruise Footloose

Kevin Bacon danced his heart out in Footloose and showed the world what he was made of.

Something tells me if Cruise had taken the role there would have been lots of grinning close up shots and body doubles in use! Something just strikes me that he would have been a little awkward in the role. Maybe I am wrong?

What do you think? Tom Cruise in Footloose? Could he have pulled it off?

Sarah Michelle Gellar passed Clueless movie

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Clueless? Hard to imagine but it was nearly so! She was offered the role of Cher Horowitz but ultimately schedule conflicts meant she had to turn it down.

Alicia Silverstone jumped in and made the movie her own! Would it have worked with Geller? Maybe, it’s a hard one to call!

Ray Liotta The Sopranos

Ray Liotta does Gangster like he was grown up in the 1950s. He has the swagger, the mix of charm and fear. He does it well so it’s understandable why he was considered for the role of Tony Soprano.

But he turned it down and James Gandolphi made it iconic. He was offered the role after his turn as a hitman in True Romance.

Ray may have been pretty good but James was amazing so I am glad things worked the way they did.

John Travolta Forrest Gump

It took a special actor to pull off the right balance for Forrest in the iconic movie Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks brought every ounce needed for the role so it’s hard to even entertain the fact that it was said to have been offered to John Travolta first!

Now John is a decent actor but he would have had to put in the performance of a lifetime to play Forrest, I just don’t think he would have pulled it off!

What do you think?

Dana Delany Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker is essentially Sex and the City, Carrie is hers and even in the prequel we know that Carrie still belongs to Parker!

So imagine if she was never cast as Carrie! It may not have been so!

Dana Delany talked about her being offered the role. She has been quoted as saying (source unknown):

“The producer of Sex and the City, Darren Star, was an old friend of mine and he talked to me about it. But I had just played Mistress Lisa in Eden and people reacted badly to it,” she explains.

“I had been America’s sweetheart and they (the public) just didn’t want to see me in that role. So I said, ‘Darren, I just can’t talk about sex one more time’. So Sarah Jessica Parker made it her own.”

“I wouldn’t have been the fashion icon that she was. It would have been a completely different show and who knows if it would have been a hit?”

She is probably right!

Eric Stoltz Back to the Future

I love Michael J Fox in the Back to the Future Trilogy. The guy just plays Marty so so well but he was not originally cast in the role.

Originally it was Eric Stoltz. In fact they even started filming with him but Robert Zemeckis just knew it wasn’t working out and halted production.

This awesome video matches some of the scenes between Eric and Michael so you can see they made the right choice.

No disrespect to Eric

Will Smith The Matrix

Can you imagine anyone other than Jeanu Reeves wooooowwwwwing their way through the Matrix? Although not exactly the best actor of his generation it’s hard to say that he did a bad job. Neo and Keanu fit together pretty well.

And Will Smith thinks the same, meaning he holds no regrets over turning down the role of Neo.

He has been quoted as saying “That’s the role Keanu was born to play. When I watch the movie and I see the choices he made, there are a hundred occasions when I think, ‘I would have messed that up.'”

Would you have liked to see Will in the role? I think he would have done pretty good.