Elevator Repair Apprenticeship

Finding a career can be important and although some can be astronauts, some can be the Pres, some can’t and many of us need to be realistic! Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy and there are tons of important jobs.

Repairing elevators of course is a job that isn’t going anywhere at all! More tall buildings go up, more elevators are installed and more will need repairing!

So why not consider it as a career.

Ok, what if I told you the 2012 median pay in the USA was over 76k a year! Now I have you listening I guess!

Starting with a high school diploma you can get an apprenticeship to learn maintenance, repair and installation of these important things and get into a reasonably high demand job with great pay and of course travel too, at least you won’t be working in the same place every day! For me that’s a bonus.

Read a bit more about the job here.