Orange Is the New Black popularity prompts wardrobe change for American prisoners

The show Orange Is the New Black has risen steadily in popularity and it now it has prompted a wardrobe change for American prisoners according to some news reports!

The problem comes because the Netflix streamed show has started to make it fashionable for members of the public to wear the orange jumpsuits. The cheap fashion is being worn by some around malls and out and about.

Now, sometimes inmates of certain prisons do work out in the community. The fashion being worn by real inmates and by the public could lead to some genuine confusion.
So has reported that Saginaw, Michigan County Sheriff William has said that inmates uniforms are now being changed to black and white stripes to save confusion,

It’s crazy that a Internet show has had this impact!

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US man Robert Kemp charged with hugging 14-month-old boy to death

A US man named Robert Kemp has been charged with hugging a 14-month-old boy to death.

The 27 year old was finally taken into custody on Tuesday a year after the incident and was released on a $10k bail the next day. He was said to be a family friend according to some sources.

The warrant said he gave the child a bear hug, he squeezed the 14 month year old so tight that he stopped breathing and died.

Kemp says that he stopped playing with the baby after he was rubbing his eyes looking tired. He says he put him in the crib and went away for a while. He realised he had not heard the child in a while so went to check and says he found the baby on his stomach with his hands in fists.

Another person in the home tried CPR with no luck.

Kemp could face 5 years in prison in this sad case.

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Man calls 911 after wife throws out beer

Last month a story came out that a man had called 911 after his wife threw out beer! Whaaaaaat!!!!!

It was reported that the West Palm Beach resident called 7 times in 4 hours sparking his arrest. Officers said the complaint was simply that his wife had thrown out his beer. Of course frustrating but certainly not serious.

The charges were related to him making false calls!

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Woman crushed by train after fumbling with iPad

Woman crushed by train after fumbling with iPad – This terribly sad and horrific story shows the problem with not being careful around the edge of subway platforms. It’s terrible a life ended this way.

A woman was waiting at New York’s Union Square subway station on Saturday. It’s reported that she fumbled with her iPad, fell onto the tracks and was killed by a Brooklyn-bound No. 4 train. The incident happened around 3:30pm.

A conductor tried to stop the train as soon as he saw the East Harlem resident on the tracks.

An original thought was that she was drunk but toxicology reports have proven that theory wrong.

So sad.

Dead girl wakes up in coffin during her funeral in Philippines

Dead girl wakes up in coffin during her funeral in Philippines – Waking up in a coffin is a real nightmare for me and reports are circulating that this happened to a 3 year old girl in the Philippines, however sadly it also seems that she has now died again after being rushed to hospital.

A cardiac monitor was used to determine that a 3 year old with a very high fever had no signs of life and she was pronounced dead with the recommendation to bury her as soon as possible to prevent disease.

During the Bayabas church service a funeral attendee removed the cover of the coffin and saw the girls head move. She was immediately given water and rushed to hospital. A video of the incredible incident went viral.

This story seems to have a very sad end though as it seems the toddler has now died for certain. Details of how and why are not yet available so we don’t know if she would have survived had the initial mistake not been made.

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Nikki Kelly accused of suffocating baby son, posting pictures of corpse on Facebook

Nikki Kelly accused of suffocating baby son, posting pictures of corpse on Facebook – A Queens, NYC, woman stands accused of smoothering her baby son and then posting images of his dead corpse to facebook.

As she undergoes charges and psychological assessments she could face 25 years in prison.

She is said to have uploaded a pic of her dead baby in a hospital bed with the status “RIP Tinkabutt,” and posted a status rambling and saying “Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life,” Kelly wrote. “I feel horrible knowing he passed away Am his Mother I was supposed to protect him I know his spirit will always be around me . . .”

However she stands accused of the murder by covering the boy with a sheet, waiting for him to go blue and then letting him die.

Talking to police she is said to have confessed that she reached breaking point and did not want him anymore.

When the father arrived home he rushed the baby to hospital but it was too late.

Her facebook feed exploded after news got out with threats and abuse towards the accused killer.

Six family members shot in Houston as police arrest gunman after four-hour standoff

Reports that six family members were shot in Houston as police arrested a gunman after four-hour a standoff have emerged. The full details looks sketchy but the gunman is under arrest and appears to be the father to 4 children who died.

The father is said to have gone to the Suburban Texas house and opened fire. Three children died at the scene as well as two adults. Another child died later in hospital and his 15 year old daughter was critically injured.

The teen daughter was however able to alert police and told them he was heading to their grandparents house to kill them. This helped police pinpoint the gunman and a standoff ensued.

Two boys aged four and 14 and two girls aged seven and nine died along with a 39-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman. It’s not yet known how the adults were related to the children.

It’s thought the gunman and his wife were estranged and this may have stemmed from a domestic violence issue. Full details will emerge in the coming weeks I am sure.

When police found the gunman they approached his car. The man said to be in his 30s with a beard was apparently cool as a cucumber but held a pistol to his head as negotiations got underway. 3.5-4 hours later he emerged and put his hands on his head giving himself up.

The 15 year olds condition is serious but we don’t know how serious at this stage.

Our thoughts are with her and any remaining family.

Man dies at US hot dog eating contest

When the forth of July rolls round in USA a lot of things happen and eating contests are always amongst those things. Sadly eating contests can be dangerous and this year a man died in a hot dog eating contest in South Dakota.

Custer lost a man described as fun loving, kind and caring. 47 year old Walter Eagle Tail died at hospital after attempts to dislodge a stuck hot dog and save him failed.

The death is said to have happened in minutes and it’s though the sausage just lodged in his throat.

The Custer Chamber of Commerce who ran the contest cancelled a Pie Eating contest scheduled for Friday due to the sad loss of Mr Tail.

Eton schoolboy Horatio Chapple mauled to death by a polar bear after a trip-wire failed

Eton schoolboy Horatio Chapple was mauled to death by a polar bear after a trip-wire failed in 2011. Now a report that has been made public just before an inquest into his death is going to start cites a serious of events that led to the death including the failure of trip wires possibly due to them being fixed with paperclips.

In August 2011 Horatio Chapple joined 80 other 16-23 year olds on an adventurous expedition to the Norwegian Arctic island of Svalbard. In an extremely rare tragedy, a starving bear entered their camp, went into a tent and attacked. The bear was fought off by one person before turning to Chapple who was killed before the camp leaders could shoot the bear dead.

An independent report says that a number of factors such as the tents being in a circle rather than straight line, poor rifle training (the rifle failed to go off many times) and of course fixing trip wires with paperclips contributed to what happened. There was also no bear watch, something the report suggested becomes standard.

Although extremely unlikely the report concluded that the attack was not unforeseeable.

Read more about the sad event and the upcoming enquiry here.

Saudi man divorces wife on wedding night

A Saudi man divorces his wife on the wedding night! Some marriages turn sour pretty quickly but the same day as the wedding, that’s extremely unusual.

This story is pretty sad in many ways.

Here is what is being reported to have happened. On the night of their wedding during the wedding celebrations the groom was handed a bouquet of flowers with a thumb drive in an envelope. On opening the thumb drive he found intimate picture of his wife reportedly taken by an ex lover.

The groom was distraught and decided to divorce on the spot. He was said to have told a religous leader the next day that he could not deal with the scandal.

As for the wife, she had been said to have been contacted by the ex-lover 4 days prior. He said if she did not go out with him he would do what he did. The wife relayed her wishes to move on, start a family and settle down with her husband and refused the invitation.

So, he went and did what he did!

Very sad

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