Mandy Lingard drone

Australian grandmother Mandy Lingard was in for quite the shock when she saw her naked body on a billboard advertising her neigbours property for sale.

She was sunbathing topless with just a thong when a drone flew over and took snaps. She said she heard the drone but didn’t realise it was taking images of her in her private garden.

She and her family were left embarrassed at the billboard and it was removed with the agency saying they did not realise she was there.

Sad use of drones! Read more here:

Prosecutors claim millionaire mum Gigi Jordan emailed as her drugged son lay dying beside her

Pharmaceutical millionaire mum Gigi Jordan is standing trial for the death of her son, an 8-year old autistic boy whom she is accused of feeding a fatal dose of pills that killed him in a luxury hotel.

She is also being accused of calmly conducting business as the boy lay dying beside her.

It’s claimed that as the boy passed away she sent an email asking for money to be transferred from her son’t trust to her own account.

All this happened in a hotel room on 5th Avenue, NYC.

Her defence claims she killed her son as a mercy killing and she was distraught due to claims the son was at the hands of sexual and physical abuse from his father and problems with his illness.

However the cool and calculated email means that prosecutors reject these notions.

A complicated and terribly sad story. You can read more details on here.

Oribe Peralta, Mexican football star, ‘blackmailed’ by sisters over photos

Police in Mexico have arrested two sisters and are charging them with blackmail for blackmailng soccer star Oribe Peralta. They reportedly had compromising photos of him taken at a party!

The Brazillian striker was being threatened with publishing of the photos unless he paid up around half a million pesos!

One of the women took the compromising photos that made him feel uncomfortable at a party and he had exchanged numbers with her according to the star.

The girls defence say they are part of a trap so the star can easily get the photos back!

The world of gun tourism under attack after Uzi shooting death

The world of gun tourism under attack after Uzi shooting death – Have you ever heard of Gun Tourism? Well it’s a growing trend where people go to the USA to shoot guns. Now it’s hit the news due to a young girl accidentally shooting her instructor dead with an uzi!

The questions being asked are fair questions for sure, should a young girl ever be allowed to handle such a high powered weapon?

Read more about the story here.

Mother Sarah Bean, 34, fatally struck when stone gargoyle falls from Second Presbyterian Church in Chicago

This story is beyond sad and we are putting our sympathy out to the loved ones of Sarach Bean. She was just 34 and standing at a Chicago church just streets from her home when a piece of metal broke from a gargoyle and fell killing her as her fiance watched on. She was dead instantly.

With two children, a hospital job and a marriage coming up the mother known as Sarah Smiles will be sorely missed and this kind of accident always leaves and incredibly sour taste.

Some reports say the church had failed a number of inspections so I expect an investigation will be underway.


Remains found after fisherman taken by croc at Adelaide River

Remains found after fisherman taken by croc at Adelaide River – Yesterday early evening (Monday 18th August 2014) a 57 year old man was believed to have entered the water to un-snag a fishing line in Australia’s Northern Territory on the Adelaide River when he was taken by a crocodile.

Now police have revealed that human remains have been found appearing to confirm the worst.

The man’s wife heard a scream and saw a crocodile tail splash but did not see her husband taken according to initial reports.

Our thoughts are with the man’s wife and family.

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UN warns 30,000 Yazidis stranded on Mount Sinjar facing ‘potential genocide within days or hours’

UN warns 30,000 Yazidis stranded on Mount Sinjar facing ‘potential genocide within days or hours’ – The worsening situation in Iraq and Syria is getting to a point now that is beyond horrific with the seeming growing rise of the ISIS militant group hold on the countries.

Despite 100s of Humanitarian drops, lots of media coverage and a reasonable awareness of the situation the UN is warning of a chilling potential genocide of 20,000 up to 30,000 people stranded in the Mount Sinjar area.

The stranged Yazidis and Christians are facing a huge threat from the ISIS militant group and the UN refugee agency spokesman Adrian Edwards put out a warning yesterday saying that “a mass atrocity and potential genocide within days or hours”.

Extra humanitarian efforts are being devised to try and reach food and water to these people but it may possibly not be enough and as far as I can tell, beyond the warning there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution to this sad sad crisis.

The whole situation is one that seems so hard to solve. Intervention may end in another semi-occupation by the US or another large power but standing by and doing nothing seems so wrong too.

As a bystander my only tool seems to be able to hope and pray and talk about it with those that are unaware.

I sincerely hope these poor people find a way to survive this unthinkable situation.

Please read more here.

Chess deaths leave sour note at Norway tournament after two participants die

Two deaths have left a sour note at a Norway chess tournament after two participants died in unrelated deaths.

The first death happened to during play, a 67 year old participant, a member of the Seychelles team, collapsed during the final round against Rwanda. When the emergency help came in people scurried thinking the defibrillator was a gun!

The second death was a man found dead in his hotel room. He was a player from Uzbekistan.

Both deaths have no suspicion of foul play and were said to be of natural causes.

Incredibly sad!

Toilet cleaner conman Timothy Giles pretended to be a Qantas pilot to dupe woman into a relationship

A Toilet cleaner conman named Timothy Giles pretended to be a Qantas plane pilot to dupe woman into a relationship! We can understand him being shy about his job but it seems he took his lying too far!

The 46 year old built up an online lie showing him as a jet-setting pilot living a glamorous life. Using images downloaded from the net he created the lie and duped women on a dating website.

He was eventually arrested at the home of one of his victims in Devon, UK, after he had duped another out of some cash.

He built up a complex life story and was playing more than one woman!

In 2013 he was caught impersonating a policeman so this is something he has a history of.

His true story was that he was an unemployed ex toilet cleaner, and of course a convincing conman!

Read more about the story here:

Raudhatul Jannah, then 4, lost in 2004 Boxing Day tsunami reunited with West Aceh parents

Raudhatul Jannah, then 4, was lost in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and now due to some crazy luck she has been reunited with her West Aceh parents.

The girl was swept away in the disaster and her parents desperately searched but never found any trace. After a month they gave up the search.

Now, 10 years later, her brother spotted a girl on a nearby area that looked like his sister. She had been under the care of an elderly woman and it turned out to be the missing girl in this remarkable story.

So the family are now reunited.

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