9 strange sports-related deaths

9 strange sports-related deaths – From deaths of an entire team due to a lightening strike, slipping on a banana peel, getting a pierced heart from your own golf club and more there are some very very strange sports-related deaths out there! Sometimes humans go in the strangest ways!

At the end of the day many of us pass for reasons that seem stupid, almost funny in hindsight (no, I am not saying death is funny but it is often ironic).

Oddee has put together a list of 9 bizarre sports related deaths which includes Harry Houdini, a children’s entertainer and more. It can be seen here.

College football: 10 most disappointing Heisman Trophy winners

The Heisman is a great achievement but it’s no guarantee and you can’t just give up and expect success after the accolade! In fact there are a fair few winners who never did live up to their potential.

Below are 10 chosen by Fox.

10. Tim Tebow

9. Jason White

8. Eric Crouch

7. Pat Sullivan

6. Terry Baker

5. Matt Leinart

4. Danny Wuerffel

3. Gino Toretta

3. Archie Griffin

1. Andre Ware

See the slideshow and full details here.

The Tebow choice is contentious in some ways!

10 athletes and coaches who hate each other

The world of sports is full of feuds and it’s no surprise that people are so heated. Below are some feuds well known in this world!


Kobe Bryant and Raja Bell
Zach Randolph and Ruben Patterson
Kevin Garnett and Charlie Villanuev
Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen
J.J. Barea and Andrew Bynum

See more details about these feuds here.


John Chaney and John Calipari
Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley
Peter Laviolette and Dan Bylsma
Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban
Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker

See more details about these feuds here.

Snoop Dogg youth football league De’Anthony Thomas, Kam Jackson and Greg Ducre

Did you know that Snoop Dogg had a youth football league  and that 2014 NFL players De’Anthony Thomas, Kam Jackson and Greg Ducre were alumni of that league?

Mostly funded by himself and descibed as more of a family the SYFL seems to be a labor of love for the hip hop star who now goes by the name Snoop Lion.

At around 1500-1800 players and looking to expand plus implement policies like free entry for those who keep a 3.0 grade average the league is really looking hopeful to create even more NFL level stars.

Considering that it only started in 2005 it’s doing amazing things!

De’Anthony Thomas was a 4th round draft pick while   am Jackson and Greg Ducre signed as undrafted free agents. In 2012 Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman was the first to sign to the NFL from Snoop’s league.

Read more on: TMZ

The 10 Biggest Sports Humiliations of the Past 25 Years

Although people expected Brazil to have a tough match against Germany in the 2014 World cup semi final no one predicted such a humiliating crush. Does it rank as one of the The 10 Biggest Sports Humiliations of the Past 25 Years? Well let’s see what Men’s Health thinks…

Here is their list, we’ll link to the full slideshow too!

10. 2013 BCS Championship Game: Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14

9. 1994 NBA Playoffs: Denver Nuggets defeat Seattle Supersonics

8. 2011-12 English Premier League: Manchester City 6, Manchester United 1

7. Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14

6. Buster Douglas defeats Mike Tyson in 1990

5. Super Bowl XLVII: Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8

4. U.S. Basketball at the 2004 Olympics

3. 1999 British Open: Jean Van de Velde loses in a playoff

2. 2004 ALCS: Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees

1. 2014 World Cup: Germany 7, Brazil 1

Ok, so I guess they think the Brazil defeat was pretty epic! It was very very very sad to see them beaten down so badly!

So, see the full slideshow with pics and descriptions here.

In reality though people have bad days. The way to get through a seemingly embarrassing defeat is to hold your head up, congratulate the winners and see where you went on to work on being stronger. Brazil may be back in 4 years stronger than ever if they make the right moves!

Do you think Men’s Health list is right? Are there any defeats they missed?

The Most Emotional Speeches in Sports History

Sports can get really really emotional. It’s crazy really because sports are so meaningless and pointless rationally thinking but us humans are not rational and we can almost all get into it!

So, here are a few of the most emotional speeches.

Jim Mora Playoffs ! ? Long Version

Curtis Martin Emotional Acceptance Speech at NFL Hall of Fame

Brett Favre Retirement press conference

Bleacher has an extended list here: http://bit.ly/1qqzefT

Athletes who don’t pay their bets

Ha ha, I have to share this article about athletes who don’t pay their bets! The fact is we all say stupid things at times. It’s easy to slip I bet into a conversation to prove a point. Sometimes we are so sure of something we make a grand claim and lay everything on the line for it but then when our convictions are crushed we are faced with a difficult problem!

Many athletes have found themselves in this position. Making wagers against each other, confidently proclaiming something will happen and then when the moment comes and payout is needed sometimes they worm out, find a loop hole or plainly just refuse to pay ball!

So go visit the article here on the Bleacher report. I love what the gov did with the Colts flag!!!!

World Cup 2014 has a villain at last Luis Suarez England fans love to hate

World Cup 2014 has a villain at last Luis Suarez England fans love to hate – Luis Suarez is in big big trouble! The man plays in the UK but has just almost dumped England out of the world cup (they still have a tiny chance to stay in) with two stunnng goals in last night’s match between England and Uruguay.

Luis has flirted with villain status before when 4 years ago he hand balled a goal on the goal line during the competition and denied Nigeria a goal. On the pitch in the UK he has had a number of issues but there is no denying that they by sure can kick a football!

The player of the year i the Premiership and a Liverpool striker (biggest goal scorer) is now the pantomime baddy everyone needs! His celebrations which include thumb sucking infuriate fans and his smugness and seeming willingness to cheat make things much worse!

It’s going to be tough for Liverpool fans to forgive him and the rest of the country are going to be booing him for a long time coming!

Video shows Rio police officers firing live shots

Controversy in Brazil is rising and now another horrible thing has emerged as a video appears to show Rio police using live rounds and firing during an anti-world cup protest! Not at all cool!

At the beginning of the game between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Argentina a small protest had started. It didn’t last long but it was said to be violent. A man is shown in the video claiming to be an officer before firing shots into the air

The video is said to be under review before official comments are to be made.

The police have been heavy handed on the small protests (typically of a few hundred people) and have been firing stun grenades and tear gas. This is reportedly also happened to a group of reporters.

The heavy security presence have helped keep larger protests from happening some are saying.

More details can be read here http://bit.ly/U1abFR and the video is below.

Beards of the 2014 stanley cup hockey finals

Beards of the 2014 stanley cup hockey finals – C’mon guys! We all know the Stanley Cup Final really has very very little to do with hockey, it’s a facade! We all just tune in, year in – year out for one thing. BEARDS!

Yup, that’s the main event! The hockey is like a sideshow, a bit of fun.

So it’s only appropriate that 2014s beards have been ranked, afterall the real cup should be going to the indvidual with the best beard, right?

So GQ ranked a bunch of them. Here are their top 5

5. Jeff Carter – L.A. Kings

4. Martin St. Louis – New York Rangers

3. Justin Williams – L.A. Kings

2. Brad Richards – New York Rangers

1. Henrik Lundqvist – New York Rangers

Ok, so we know we have no images! You’ll have to go see the slideshow for that! Which can be seen here.

So who would you have rated as number one?