Cats wipe out billions of birds

Cats wipe out billions of birds – There seems to be a bit of a backlash happening againts the good old domestic cat with a damning new report linking them to killings of billions of birds. There are also small things happening elsewhere leading to some backlash against these sleek felines.

Cats wipe out billions of birds

Just last week I heard about a website in New Zealand condemning cats and urging people to neuter and not replace their pets. Now this week this report has come out claiming they kill billions of animals.

The study claims that cats kill up to “3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals in the United States alone each year,” according to CBC.

It goes onto saying that the problem is largely with ferrel stray cats which had previously been said to be negligible in the deaths of birds. Various studies give various numbers but this new paper is the largest blame to cats yet.

Access being restricted to the outdoors is just one of the things this new paper suggests.

CBC story:

I don’t know how to take this information but I must say I am not surprised. I don’t think cats should be killed over this but the neutering of animals is fair and not buying bred for sale cats is a must. If you own a cat it absolutely should be from a rescue situation and that way I am sure you will be able to own them your whole life and not contribute to breeding new pets that could be dangerous for our environments.

Sadly like other pests cats can be a problem. Just today a cat came into the garden where I am staying and tried to kill a mother thrush and babies. I imagine the cat will be successful tonight.

So, what do you think about this?

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  1. CatNip says

    New flash!

    Headline new just in!!!

    New study shows that humans kill 100’s of billions of life forms a year, killing millions of trees a year, and dumping toxic chemicals into the earth’s water supply. The birth control pill alone has shown up in the blood supply of all types of life forms around the world. Humans kill an estimated billon birds a year.

    Should humans also be kept on leashes?

    On a more serious not, one Australian city did at one time ban cats and within three years they made the world record books for having the largest Rat overpopulation ever.

    • Forest Parks says

      Hey CatNip, I do often put up a similar argument when people are being so crazy about hatred of so called pests. The reality is we are the biggest pest there is. I do think birds need protecting somehow but it isn’t by killing another animal. There needs to be balance and that can’t be acheived by banning one animal and letting another’s population boom.

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