Chinese grandpa becomes viral fashion icon

The online world is a really saturated world these days so to stick out of the crowd you have to do something no one else is doing. When a 72 year old grandfather starts modelling clothing aimed at teenager girls it’s no surprise sales go up 5 times and a viral fashion icon is born!

So how did this all start?

I seem to be finding two versions of this story!

The Globe and Mail reported that a model didn’t turn up and as a consequence Liu Qianping the 72 year old, ex-farmer, suggested he take the models place for his granddaughters photo shoot. Other sources are saying he tried on the clothing first and it was fun so they decided to shoot…. However it started it was clearly a winning idea from the start!

Of course he became and instant hit wearing the teenage clothing and even getting in on suggesting what should go together, preferring brighter colours to his granddaughter.

The store is reporting it’s sales have gone up 5 times as a result of the highly original and viral images! Jezebel reported Liu as saying “I’m very old and all that I care about is to be happy.”, now if we could all just follow these ideals and not worry about stuff so much!

So, I guess you probably want to see the grandpa in these clothes? Well here is a video below:

Personally I see nothing wrong with anyone wearing whatever the hell they want so hats off to this grandpa who is doing what he wants and helping out his granddaughter at the same time. It’s clear he is having fun with the shots and showing everyone that you can be who you want to be.

I’d love to know what you think about this old man in girls clothing or in fact anyone cross dressing? Should it be nothing to turn heads these days or is there a good reason for some things to be for men and some things to be for women?

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