Fiat reveals new electric 500 at auto show

Electric cars are comin out one by one and Fiat finally materialised their new electric 500 at the American Music Awards. It received it’s first public outing at the LA auto show on 28th November, just a few days ago.

The all-electric 500e will likely make a huge lose, possibly of around $10k per vehicle, for the auto maker and many are saying the automaker is only selling the vehicle (which will be on sale in California to start) so that they can sell other vehicles in California. The State has rules that automakers must offer a low emissions option in order to sell in the State.

Fiat reveals new electric 500 at auto showAccording to the LA Times here are some details about the vehicle:

“an 80-mile combined range and a 100-mile city range. The car gets 111 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque from a 24 kWh, lithium-ion battery and Fiat says it has a top speed of 85 mph.

The car will charge fully in less than four hours using a 240-volt outlet. Users will be able to monitor numerous vehicle functions via a smartphone app. These include vehicle status, charging level, nearby charging stations, energy use and efficient route planning.”

The Fiat 500e will likely have a very large price tag maybe in the range of $32,000-$45,000, so it will only be available to the richest consumers at first. To cater for this it comes with a very swishy interior and some serious firestone tyres. The current finish is a brilliant orange, sure to be noticed on the road.

Even if it was developed by a forced hand yet another all-electric vehicle available to consumers only creates good things for the future of low emission vehicles. The current bunch are far from perfect and of course there are issues with battery life and disposal but it should fuel further development in the field and maybe start turning the auto companies a profit in the coming years.

I’d love to have a ride in an all-electric like this, the Volt or Mitsubishi’s new offering which was also debuted at the LA motor show.

Have you riden in an all-electric and do you have any aspirations to own one?

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