How young people can find work

How young people can find work – Finding work for anybody is certainly not easy right now with the world the way it is. Young people have a lot against them with older more experienced and qualified candidates competing for the same jobs, however there are some advantages to being young.

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How young people can find work

So, where on earth does a young person start in finding work?

You have to work out what you have to give and how that is an advantage over more qualified candidates out there. First off young people are energetic, keen to learn and open to learning the way a company wants them too. Plus the truth of the matter is often you have less dependents so can take a lower starting wage and may be more flexible with hours.

All of these advantages need to be played up and of course starting with making sure it’s presented on your resume is important. Many local career services will help you tailor a resume and there are a lot of tips available online.

You are likely going to have to apply for a lot of jobs. Sadly most will probably not get back to you but you can’t let that faze you. Keep on pushing and eventually some jobs will give you a shot at an interview.

Preparing for the interview is important. You need to be prepared to let your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and be moulded shine through. At the same time you can’t come across as naive! Heavily researching each company and your potential role will help with that. If you are faced with questions about your experience or lack of qualification make sure you counter with the fact that you will learn as much as is needed to perform the job to the highest standards.

Not likely having dependents or being tied down gives you another advantage. You can apply for jobs anywhere and likely move without too much hassle. Also if a jib requires regular travel you are a good candidate and have an advantage over people settled with a family.

Keep up the search and play up your strengths.

Please share any tips you have and also any good or bad experiences. Best of luck.

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