Karen Butler + small stroke while under anesthesia

Karen Butler + small stroke while under anesthesia – Having a stroke is never good. Many people make a full recovery but there can be side effects. When Karen Butler woke up speaking in what seemed like a foreign accent it was thought to have been caused by a stroke while under anesthesia!

Karen Butler + small stroke while under anesthesia

In 2009 Karen Butler went into surgery for some cosmetic dentistry. At age 56 this should have been no issue however she woke up with an accent that sounded like a bad European mashup! Almost like she was faking it but this is a recognised and real rare condition known as foreign accent syndrome. Mad, eh!

The Oregon native sounded like a bad actress and you can hear her speaking in the video below!

It’s thought to not actually be a foreign accent but rather just a neurological condition that makes the brain say things differently, sounding like a person has changed accents.

The illness has been made a little more high profile after George Michael claimed he had it last year in an interview.

Do you know anyone who has ever suffered from this? Did you believe them or just think it was a big joke?

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