Nic Cage buys island for $3 million

Nic Cage buys island for $3 million РActor Nicolas Cage is known for his extravagant purchases and tax woes. One of his more recent purchases is a 40 acre island in the Bahamas. It cost $3 million and is likely going to be used for developing. Shakira and Roger Waters did something similar and their $16 million island will be turned into condos and private houses with beaches.

There’s nothing that quite separates the rich and famous from the rest of us than private islands. The private island in its very nature is exclusive– out in the middle of a body of water where most can’t reach it…

Furthermore, private islands are typically set in a kind of luxurious backdrop like the Bahamas or somewhere tropical. Even if it is a private island somewhere up on a Canadian lake, it has all the ingredients of a nice vacation. Beautiful natural elements, water, peace and quiet. Right?

Beyond that, you probably feel like the king of your own country. While it may seem like something that only the very rich and famous can do, there are plenty of islands for sale on the internet that anybody with the right amount of cash can buy. Some are as cheap as $90,000. If you’d like to just feel like an island-owner for a week or two, consider renting a private island. Get all the pleasures of island-life without the drudgery that comes with island-ownership (if there are any– falling coconuts?)

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