Nicole Kidman movie annoys royals

Nicole Kidman movie annoys royals – Nicole Kidman has a new movie based on Grace Kelly’s story and how the actress became a Princess. However there seems to be some controversy as the Monaco Royal Family has slammed the movie.

Nicole Kidman movie annoys royals

Grace Kelly’s family have said that the upcoming movie named Grace of Monaco is complete fiction and is historically inaccurate.

Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III in the 1960s and became a Princess. In the movie Nicole Kidman plays Grace.

Grace Kelly’s children however have released a statement. They said “It recounts one rewritten and needlessly ‘glamorized’ page in the history of the Principality of Monaco and its family” and have claimed that some scenes are purely fiction and are upset that suggestions they gave were not taken into account.

These kind of bioptic movies often cause some debate as they come from one viewpoint, expand and glamorise certain events and often are accused of being damn right untrue! Of course on the flip-side their portrayals of reality are sometime praised especially when digging deep into a character people want to know.

So, do you think the Royals should just calm down and let the movie out without conflict? Should the movie have talked more to the Palace and taken on their suggestions? Should these bioptics change names of characters and detach themselves more from the characters real life to avoid conflict?

Will you be watching Grace of Monaco?

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  1. says

    Welll, lets start by saying how in accurate Nicole Is to play Grace!!!! Who picked her is crazy already……Sorry but Nicole is a pretty shitty actress..and to play someone so distiguised…wrong… and yes of course the production should have asked for as much feed back and support from the royals, they probably just didn’t want to pay any extra money…Won’t go see this movie if it’s not real life…so too speak…

  2. rachel says

    They should have taken sugestations from the Monaco Royals Its about their family. Yes I would go & see it . I liked Grace & the Prince.

  3. Wayne says

    Probably won`t watch it at all. But they should check more into what her life was really like before making a movie. Hollywood is all glamour and heartless in most cases.

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