9 Weirdest Reasons For an Emergency Landing Oddee

9 Weirdest Reasons For an Emergency Landing Oddee – Flying has an added paranoia in recent months with various frightening incidents causing concern amongst general passengers and the media paying special attention to these incidents. So getting caught up in an emergency landing is something many of us are scared of and rightfully so. However many emergency landings are for really silly reasons and Oddee have gathered some of the silliest reasons and put together another great post to make you laugh out loud!

The reasons go from singing to dog poop to people trying to conceal body odor!

So here are the reason and the link below them will take you to Oddee to read more about each incident!

1 – The flight that had to make an unscheduled stop due to a fight over legroom

2 – The flight that was forced to make an emergency landing because woman wouldn’t stop singing a Whitney Houston song

3 – The airplane that was forced to land due to flatulence

4 – The emergency landing that took place thanks to dog poop

5 – The honeymoon fight between two newlyweds that led to an emergency landing

7 – The jumbo jet that was forced to land after 400 cows overheat cabin

8 – The emergency landing caused after cocaine burst in a drug mule’s stomach

9 – The ‘horny” woman who caused a plane to make emergency landing

Check out the post here on Oddee.

90s crushes where are they now

90s crushes where are they now – Boys and Girls of the 90s, I am sure you had a bunch of crushes, whether you thought you was a cool underground kid or was happy to tow the mainstream line! Of course the most famous of those crushes are still hitting it big, some are hitting even bigger and some are cruising alone in the background!

Actors like Ryan Gosling have exploded in the 00s and 10s, from Mickey Mouse Club to things like Ides of March! Justin Timberlake is a respected artist and actor, as is Mark Wahlberg.

Then people like Growing Pains Kirk Cameron is super religious but does attend Growing Pains reunions! Mario Lopez still pops up on TV but doesn’t really act anymore.

Then think about people like Will Smith, he is now the head of one of the Hollywood powerhouse families with his kids following firmly in his shadow.

Of course, what about the ladies? Where did they end up…. Well that’s for you to leave your comments below!

I must say my 90s crushes were mostly alternative indie artists and women in bands! Some of them are still going and some have faded into obscurity!

20 dumbest things ever said by celebrities

20 dumbest things ever said by celebrities – I don’t like to call any person dumb but sometimes it’s ok to laugh at funny things that come out of the mouths of those in the public eye. We shouldn’t be too hard on them though, we all say ridiculous things at times and they are often put on the spot!

So, here are some really stupid things some celebs have let out onto the world!

1. “Everything bad that can happen to a person has happened to me.”

2. “I’ve always thought Marilyn Monroe looked fabulous, but I’d kill myself if I was that fat.”

3. “I think that Clueless was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it is true lightness.”

4. “I love Hitler.”

5. “I’m pretty feminine. I think so … What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?”

6. “I’m so obsessed with you I want to skin you and wear you like Versace.”

Very silly, right? Well you can find out who said these and get the full list of 20 from News.com.au here: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/the-20-dumbest-things-ever-said-by-celebrities/story-fn907478-1226814803598

Child stars gone bad USWeekly

Child stars gone bad USWeekly – Sadly child stars often face a tough time growing up. It seems subjecting a child to such a fame so young often pushes them the wrong way. Then when they begin to grow up an lose the baby face and the roles dry up the habits get out of control and life just heads down and down.

Of course, that’s not the case for every child star but it does seem to happen fairly often!

US Weekly put together a slideshow of 14 child stars they say went bad and below are the first few then a link to the full show.

Corey Haim
The 80s teen idol — who once admitted to taking 85 Valium pills a day — died of an apparent drug overdose at age 38 in March 2010.

Dana Plato
In 1991, the Diff’rent Strokes star tried to rob a video store at gunpoint. A year later, she was arrested for forging a Valium prescription. In 1999, at age 34, she died after overdosing on Vanadom and Vicodin.

Lindsay Lohan
She was arrested for drunk driving twice and cocaine possession and went to rehab three times. “I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances,” she recently said.

Brian Bonsall
After pleading guilty to repeatedly hitting a friend in the head with a broken wooden stool, the former Family Ties actor was arrested again in February for marijuana possession.

Jaimee Foxworth
After leaving Family Matters, she began abusing drugs and alcohol — and supported her habit by starring in porn flicks. In 2008, she received help on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

See the full slideshow here: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/pictures/troubled-stars-2010103/7256

Sadly drugs often seems to be the issue! You have to wonder how they get access so young! These young stars should be better protected it feels like!

Junk Food Favorites, Made Healthy

We love junk, the more fat and sugar that oozes from the junk food in question the more we seem to lap it up, despite knowing how bad it is for us!!!!

But enjoying awesome junk style food doesn’t have to be that unhealthy. A few modifications, a little careful weighing up taste for health and you can have much healthier junk style food!

Let’s take a look at a few ideas….

The humble fast food burger! – So what makes a McDs, Wendy’s or BK burger so good? I’m telling you, it’s largely in the condiments! Cook up a 100% beef patty on the grill with no oil or even opt for a homemade bean or lentil burger. Then use some wholemeal burger buns, or better a wholemeal pita for slightly less bread! Then replicate some of those toppings.

Sugarless pickles, finely chopped raw onions and a small amount of good quality cheese. A simple sugarless ketchup can be made by mixing tomato paste, a little vinegar, mustard and salt.

Then something like french fries! These are super yummy but the baked variety are too! Just strip your potatoes into fries, spray some oil on and generously douse with yummy herbs and a little sea salt! Then bake til ready and eat with homemade ketchup!

I know it’s not the fast food you crave but it’s a pretty good substitute and after a while you may even prefer it!

Get more ideas here on Self: http://www.self.com/body/food/2014/08/healthy-junk-food-recipes-slideshow/

Gronk Flakes, Jagr Peanut Butter Among Best Athlete-Endorsed Food Products

Athletes put their names to some very very bizarre products and services and while our first thought is often why we can quickly deduce that money is the likely reason! Money drags people do so all kinds of weird and wonderful things and when you are an athlete with such a potentially short career the pressure is on to eek every last bit of juice out of your temporary fame.

However, every now and then, a product endorsement is actually not so bad and works quite well, usually there is humor involved as you have to laugh at the the whole idea! The most successful ones are not always funny though, just well purchased products with the famous face added!

Some of the most successful include Gronk Flakes and Jagr Peanut Butter, we think!

New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski was inspired to create his frosted flake cereal line after quarterback Doug Flutie had success with Flutie Flakes!

Jaromir Jagr, an NHL Forward, had his peanut butter brand in the 90s and it did great!

And of course we need a special mention for Shaq Cola! His big beaming face made for quite a can!

See more endorements in the slideshow here: http://nesn.com/playlist/reggie-bar-hasek-hot-sauce-just-some-of-best-athlete-food-products

9 Amazing Stories Of Real Life Castaways

9 Amazing Stories Of Real Life Castaways – Castaway stories hold a fascination for most of us! There is something almost romantic but utterly terrifying about the idea of ending up stranded on an island and we find ourselves mesmerised by these stories!

So Oddee have put together their 9 most amazing. The titles are as follows!

The fisherman who was lost at sea for a staggering 13 months

The family who survived on turtle blood while lost at sea for 38 days

The New Zealander who lived his dream of being a castaway in the South Pacific

The Inuit woman who survived alone on an Arctic island for two years

The castaway who was threatened with illegally squatting by park officals

The man who spent 60 days on a deserted island armed with only a video camera

The couple who conducted a social experiment while living as castaways

The shark fisherman who were lost at sea for 10 months

The newlyweds who were stranded on an island by a lazy elephant seal

You can read about each one of these stories on more detail on Oddee here.

Go beyond ‘Garp': Watch these 6 lesser-known Robin Williams films

We really did lose an amazing sole last week when the great Robin Williams passed away from a suspected suicide. Out of love and respect a lot of fans are watching back and talking about movies from his long and fruitful career and although his loved characters such as Garp are being celebrated and talked about a lot we must remember he covered many genres and did many movies.

Today.com put up a list of the lesser known movies worth watching. Here is the list

‘One Hour Photo,’ 2002
‘The Fisher King,’ 1991
‘Insomnia,’ 2002
‘Awakenings,’ 1990
‘The Butler,’ 2013
‘Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction,’ 2008

This is a great list although not that lesser known. Just do a search through his IMDB and there are a ton of movies you may never have heard of, some really worth seeing in my opinion. One of my faves that many have not seen is 2004’s The Final Cut.

“Set in a world with memory implants, Robin Williams plays a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people’s recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger.”

It’s a very interesting movie.

Do you have any lesser known movies to add?

15 Summer Box Office Disasters From The Last 20 Years

There have been some stinking box office disasters over the years! Some just flopped beyond all reason (they seemed like a good idea) some were obviously a bad idea from the outset and someone should have stopped them way before production!

Of all the horrible movies some manage to eek a profit but many cost the studios dearly and Rolling Stone have put together a list of the 15 worst summer movie box office disasters.

Below is a summary of the list with the name, budget, year and box office takings. You have to agree many of these movies should never ever have been made!

1. ‘The Lone Ranger’ (2013) – Budget: $215 million. Box Office: $260 million

2. ‘Speed Racer’ (2008) – Budget: $120 million. Box Office: $94 million.

3. ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ (2002) – Budget: $100 million. Box Office: $7 million

4. ‘R.I.P.D.’ (2013) – Budget: $130 million. Box Office: $78 million

5. ‘Green Lantern’ (2011) – Budget: $200 million. Box Office: $219 million.

6. ‘Stealth’ (2005) – Budget: $135 million. Box Office: $76 million.

7. ‘The 13th Warrior’ (1999) – Budget: $160 million. Box Office: $61 million.

8. ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ (2004) – Budget: $110 million. Box Office: $72 million.

9. ‘Gigli’ (2003) – Budget: $54 million. Box Office: $7 million.

10. ‘K-19: The Widowmaker’ (2002) – Budget: $100 million. Box Office: $65 million.

11. ‘North’ (1994) – Budget: $40 million. Box Office: $7 million.

12. ‘Catwoman’ (2004) – Budget: $100 million. Box Office: $82 million.

13. ‘Battlefield Earth’ (2000) – Budget: $73 million. Box Office: $30 million

14. ‘Evan Almighty’ (2007) – Budget: $175 million. Box Office: $173 million

15. ‘The Avengers’ (1998) – Budget: $60 million. Box Office: $48 million.

And here you can find Rolling Stone’s full slideshow with more details about each movie:


Remains found after fisherman taken by croc at Adelaide River

Remains found after fisherman taken by croc at Adelaide River – Yesterday early evening (Monday 18th August 2014) a 57 year old man was believed to have entered the water to un-snag a fishing line in Australia’s Northern Territory on the Adelaide River when he was taken by a crocodile.

Now police have revealed that human remains have been found appearing to confirm the worst.

The man’s wife heard a scream and saw a crocodile tail splash but did not see her husband taken according to initial reports.

Our thoughts are with the man’s wife and family.

Details sourced from: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/2014/08/19/remains-found-after-fatal-nt-croc-attack.html