How to make your hair grow faster

Long hair, or even some hair, is a dream for many people and obtaining those luscious locks can be quite a battle.

Growing your hair faster is something that many want but sorry folks, from a scientific point of view it just isn’t viable. Your hair growth depends on a gazillion factors and there is no specific proven way to speed up the growing BUT….

The one thing you can control is overall care and health. Healthy hair will grow stronger and may appear thicker and fuller, it won’t necessarily fall out so much and you’ll obtain the look you want potentially quicker.

Many factors are thought to affect hair but overall body health is likely a major candidate. Basically, eat right, exercise and keep stress levels down and it will show on your head. A balanced diet is essential with plenty of things like omega 3, appropriate levels of protein and carbs and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It really isn’t rocket science!

how to make your hair grow faster

There there is hair care! Do not wash your hair daily, it strips out the natural oils. Just every other day or a little less if you can. I think you should use basic shampoo with natural ingredients (gimmicky products are not needed) and don’t overwork your hair. Lightly brush it daily, don’t pull or stretch and ideally don’t hot iron it! Make sure you give it air too, keeping it under a hat all the time is no good for it!

We mentioned stress before. This is very important not just for your hair. Try and keep calm, work out what is causing stress in your life and find ways to reduce it. Your entire body will be thankful.

And from my perspective that’s the basics! Good luck in keeping it healthy and hopefully you will see the results.

Jim Carrey commanded 20-25 million per movie

Everyone knows Jim Carrey well but try and name some of his recent movies? He had a hey day back in the 90s and early 2000s where he was able to demand a ridiculous paycheck of reportedly near 20-25 million per movie.

All this cash for a goofy clown? But he made it all back, back then! Now days some of his movies have not fared so well and the man s now in his 50s. He has proved his acting chops though and we have seen him carry off serious as good as some of the greats. He may not be the wonder kid he once was but I don’t see him going straight to DVD just yet and if the comebacks of many a comedy king are to be followed Carrey may yet have his second coming. Maybe not in cash but acting respect and character portrayal!

The man once carried a million dollar check in his wallet, ready to cash! We are sure he long cashed this but surely the desire to succeed still burns inside!

George H.W. Bush + Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals

While the Military time of the younger Bush is often brought into question there is no doubt about the Military experience of his father George H.W. Bush.

The former President joined the Navy on June 12 1942 on his 18th birthday. He was a Navy Aviator and was active during World War II. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals.

Ben Bradlee World War II in the Pacific

As it’s Veteran’s day it\’s a good time to celebrate those who served. The millions of men and woman all deserve equal respect but there are many celebs and well known folk that you may not have known served and fought in active wars.

One of those is The Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee. He was a leading role in publishing Watergate. Before his time in the Newspaper business he was a Harvard grad and also served in the US Navy. He was in the Pacific in World War II.

He sadly passed away in October.

Tony Bennett served in the Army

Did you know that crooner Tony Bennett served in the army? Well as it’s Veteran’s day we thought we would just mention him. The New York star spent time during World War II serving in France and Germany as a private in the army! It’s crazy to realise he is that old!

Alan Alda Army Reserve Gunner

It’s veteran’s day! A day to celebrate those who served in the forces.

As it’s Vet’s day we though we would look at some famous Vets. Did you know that Emmy winning “M*A*S*H” star Alan Alda did more than just act as a member of the forces. He spent six months in the Korean war as an Army Reserve Gunner

Joseph M. Acaba United States Marine Corps Reserves

Today is veteran’s day, a day to celebrate those who served! Many famous people served in the forces and one of those happened to be Joseph M. Acaba.

The NASA atronaut was the first candidate of Puerto Rican heritage. He worked as a hydrogeologist and spent 2 years serving in the peace corps but also 6 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West honeymoon Ireland

Kim and Kanye are big big news and the media follows their every move, often they play up to this! Their wedding was quite an event and their honeymoon was extremely closely followed too!

So where did they go? Well, first stop was Ireland and they they jetted off to Prague. A little different from the standard beach honeymoon!

Orlando Bloom vacation Ibiza

Where do the stars choose to vacation? Well they go pretty much the same places as the rest of us, although often they shell out a little more for the fancy accomodation and exclusive resorts!

This summer Orlando Bloom was said to have taken vacation from his NYC home and gone to Ibiza.

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson honeymoon Punta Mita

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson dated for many years but only got hitched back in July 2014. They decided to go to the awesome Punta Mita for their honeymoon.

They stayed in an exclusive resort and reportedly spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and enjoying cocktails, as one would expect :).