51 Facts About The Human Body That Prove We Have Super Powers buzzfeed

Amazing, amazing, amazing! The human body and our brain are simply outstandingly stunning and when you sit down and read over 50 facts about what it can do you suddenly feel a little special! Wow, it can do what, it does what, that many, how is that possible! They are just some of the reactions I think you’ll have reading some of the facts on this Buzzfeed list.

Here are just the first ten:

1. The human heart, ripped from a chest cavity ala Indiana Jones can indeed continue to beat for a short period of time because it has it’s own electrical system and would continue to receive oxygen from the exposed air.

2. Stomach acid is so strong that your body grows an entirely new stomach lining every 3-4 days.

3. The human nose can recognize and remember 50,000 unique scents, which is still no where near as powerful as a dog’s.

4. You sneeze at the speed of 100 miles per hour or more.

5. You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels inside of you, which is enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator roughly two and half times.

6. Everyday your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles. In a lifetime, your heart creates enough energy to drive that truck to the moon and back.

7. On average a human sheds so much skin in a lifetime that by the time you turn 70, you’ll have removed an entire small human, 105 lbs, from yourself.

8. If you look into a clear night sky and can see Andromeda, it means your eyes are so sensitive and powerful that they’re picking up a small fuzzy blob of light that, as our closest neighboring galaxy, is 2.5 million light years away.

9. It’s possible to snore at 80 decibels which is equivalent to sleeping next to a pneumatic drill breaking up concrete. Noise levels over 85 decibels are considered hazardous to the human ear.

10. A person produces enough spit in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools, roughly 25,000 quarts.

Pretty frickin awesome! Read the other 41 here.

29 Things You’ll Never See At Disney World Again

Disney World continues to wow kids around the world and bring the magic kingdom to us here on earth! The park has been a favorite since it opened many moons ago and so much has happened in that time.

Rides have changed, animals (including the last ever of a certain species) have passed away, whole regions have been closed too and contracts have run out! Characters have fallen out of favor and technology has replaced old things.

The park(s) has a lot of history and many memories of what was. Buzzfeed put together 29 things you’ll likely never see again and of course provided cool photos too. You can see them all here.

23 “Got Milk?” Ads That Will Take You Back To The Early ’00s

The milk tach may be no more but those of a certain age remember them well and they will live in our hearts and mind a while longer!

Got Milk was probably one of the most recognised and often mocked campaigns in history so of course it likely did it’s job! Who wore the tach best? Do you remember your favorite.

The early 00s were the time and now Buzzfeed is the place for 23 of the ads that will take you back.

Do you remember Lindsey Lohan, Bernie Mac (RIP), The Olsen Twins, Lara Croft (played by Angelina Jolie of course), David Beckham and the guys from Scrubs?

For me there is something about Bernie that wins it hands down, that man was cool as could be and is missed!

So head on over to Buzzfeed to check them out here.

Kim Jong-un mocked after photos surface of lookalike

Kim Jong-Un must be used to being mocked by now but the leader has some competition as photos have been going rival showing a Chinese street vendor with a similar dress sense, haircut and a penchant for smoking!

The food vendor seems to know he has a resemblance and poses for photos while cooking up his street food! First the photos went viral in China with many on social networks referring to the North Korean as ‘Fatty’ and joking that he’ll surely hire this guy as a body double.

Of course the guy may not want to go and work in such surroundings when he has ultimate freedom in China! Maybe he has a better career in USA attending corporate events!

Anyhow the pics are quite funny and the reactions of the public at large are quite funny too! You can see some of them and read a little more here.

Kenya legalises polygamy without wife’s consent Yahoo

We know that polygamy is fairly common in Kenya but it’s still shocking that male MPs have seemingly come together over party lines to legalise polygamy without consent of the wife sparking a female MP walkout. The story from Yahoo makes the parliament seem plain ridiculous and utterly sexist in every way. These MPs seem like stone age men to me!

The article reported that

Kenya’s parliament has passed a bill allowing men to marry as many women as they want, prompting a furious backlash from female lawmakers who stormed out, reports said Friday.

The bill, which amended existing marriage legislation, was passed late on Thursday to formalise customary law about marrying more than one person.

The proposed bill had initially given a wife the right to veto the husband’s choice, but male members of parliament overcame party divisions to push through a text that dropped this clause.

Comments from lawmakes along the lines of:

“When you marry an African woman, she must know the second one is on the way, and a third wife… this is Africa,” MP Junet Mohammed told the house, according to Nairobi’s Capital FM.

Just make this story feel unbelievable, like some kind of Monty Python sketch.

Of course woman cannot marry more than one man! Personally I am not against polygamy as such. If a person wants to marry multiple people with each of those people’s consent then I think that’s a fair right to ask for, like any right really. However in this day and age I believe that consent is essential and there should never be laws that put one person in the seat of power in personal relationships.

These laws, if signed by the prime minister, will put men in a terrible legal position, able to literally bring home as many women as they want, legally!!!!

How do you feel about this? Is the report from Yahoo (http://yhoo.it/1f5FRO0) misreporting? Am I being ignorant to a cultural norm? What do you think?


Tarainia McDaniel lawsuit Planet Fitness

Tarainia McDaniel has filed a lawsuit against Planet Fitness, the national budget chain that claims it’s a “judgement free zone”. Why the lawsuit? Well she was turned away from a local gym for violating a dress code after she says they told her she could not wear her head covering, in accordance with her muslim faith.

She says she was wearing an informal head covering but was refused entry. She says she said she would go home and put on a hijab but was still refused. Planet Fitness locations do have a sign up that says no workboots, jeans or bandanas.

If what she says is true, then I believe she should have been waived, it’s her personal  religious choice after all.

Of course Planet Fitness have come out saying that head scarfs for religious reasons are allowed and another statement says that they did not know Tarainia was wearing hers for religious reasons.

What a mess! The trial is set for August and I hope that the workers involved (if they did everything McDaniels says) are seriously re-trained to deal with religious tolerance.

More details can be read in the ABQ Journal here and in a follow up story here.

I’m not a religious person myself but think it’s a right for someone to practise certain faith related observances. If someone wants to wear a head covering (religious or not) even within the gym I believe that should be allowed. It’s arguably a human right to dress how you want as long as you are not promoting hate or purposely provoking problems with others. That’s my thoughts anyway and I would love to hear yours.

The eight movie sequels we’re dreading the most

Some movies are awesome, maybe perfect, you love the characters and you would give anything to see more… However deep down you know a sequel will kill the magic, be too much, just not bring the characters or story back correctly or be a blatant money grabber!

Here are 8 sequels I dread, some are happening, some are not!

Ghostbusters 3 – I’m sorry but after the ongoing script issues, the news the old ghosties won’t be main characters and the sad passing of Harold, oh and the dropping out of the chair for Reitman, this is a dread for me!

Goonies 2 – It was on, off, on, off and who knows where now but I really hope they just don’t bother. Let the original be.

The Purge Anarchy – Come on, the first was awful! Is this going to become like Jason, spawning far too many.

Anymore Garfields – Please just stop!

Meet the Great Great Great Grandkids – Another franchise that was once great but needs no more!

Bilbo does nothing for many years – I feel like Jackson isn’t done, he surely is plotting more Middle Earth boredom!

Night at the Museum 3 – The first was fun, the second unnecessary and the third….. Please!

Fast and Furious whatever – After the passing of one of the franchises star surely they should just stop.

So, that’s me. I am sure there are many many more movie sequels that I would rather they did not produce but I would like to hear from you and maybe enlighten me to some that are happening that should not be.

A harder question, what movie sequels are you looking forward to?

The internet rolls out its latest craze the sellotape selfie

The what? The sellotape selfie! The net has gone too far, that’s it, I am done…. But watit, I should take a peak at one right?

Oh, my good, they are hilarious! So the latest craze is maybe annoying but there is no denying they are pretty damn funny! It’s simple really, wrap your face in sellotape and take a selfie, post online and join the latest viral craze!

Dubbed as the sellofie by some the viral trend may have a painful aftermath and of course if you are not careful you could hurt yourself, potentially stop yourself breathing or rip all your hair out! For those reasons we say, don’t do it! I’m sure you are going to see a few new images from pals on social media in the coming days though!

So you want to see one, don’t you? Don’t deny it!!!! Ok, here you https://twitter.com/SellotapeSeIfie/status/446768168800116736/photo/1

Don’t tell me you didn’t laugh!

Like all crazes this will get old and it’s not exactly an original idea. This round has been inspired by Jim Carrey in Yes Man (supposedly) but people have been putting tape on their face to make themselves look weird since before tape was used for sticking things together (ok, that’s probably not true). I do remember doing it as a kid though and even then before facial hair I remember the pain of pulling it off, agonising piece by piece!

So, maybe the next viral trend will be painful to watch videos of people removing the tape after taking these sellotape selfies!

Do you know anyone who has done one?

Inside a hoarder’s home of 30 years News.com.au

News.com.au have published a series of photos with a hoarder living in the Upper East Side of New York City. He is facing a final eviction notice and has no idea what to do with his possessions that overflow from his apartment taking over everything and forcing him to leave via the fire escape.

Kevin McCrary has been collecting the junk for 30 years and has been living in the $1400 a month rent controlled apartment by means of money left from his famous parents estate. His parents were early radio personalities Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg.

McCrary is now 65 years old and after two failed eviction attempts has finally been given a final notice. He doesn’t have much time but clearly he needs some serious help. Both mentally and physically just to move all the stuff!

He even stores a van chock full of stuff in outside his home!

I have no idea what is going to happen to him and the report doesn’t delve much into that. We can assume he has some money as he has been renting at $1400 a month he can probably afford to live in a lot of places but finding somewhere and someone to take him and his habit isn’t exactly easy. Ideally he’ll seek some help now the media attention has hit and maybe he can be helped to have a giant yard-sale or at least move stuff to storage so he can gradually break his habit.

Of course we know nothing of his life, what led him here, why he is hoarding and how serious his mental health is. All we know are a few small details and the professional photos of his predicament which can be seen in the original article here: http://bit.ly/1lVKj6H

34 Facts About Scary Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

I love these fact lists about movies and life and all sorts of things that Buzzfeed are putting together. This list of 34 scary movie facts is interesting as some give a little insight into the movie making process, some things you didn’t consider, castings you couldn’t imagine (think Tom Cruise as Edward Scissorhands!). Some of the facts are silly and some you’ll be reciting at parties for years to come! So I guess you want to read them, eh?

Well I am going to give you the first 10 and then link to Buzzfeed for the rest.

1. The mask in ‘Halloween’ is actually William Shatner’s face. The production crew bought the cheapest mask they could find at a Halloween store, which happened to be William Shatner. They spray-painted it white.

2. ‘Psycho’ was the first movie to show a toilet flushing.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally offered the role of Max Denninson in ‘Hocus Pocus,’ but he turned it down for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’

4. Robert Deniro was considered for the role of Jack in ‘The Shining,’ but Stanley Kubrick thought he wasn’t psychotic enough after watching ‘Taxi Driver.’

5. Robin Williams was also considered for the role of Jack in ‘The Shining,’ but Stanley Kubrick thought he was too psychotic after watching ‘Mork and Mindy.’

6. The original title for ‘Halloween’ was: The Babysitter Murders

7. ‘Scream’ was at one time called: Scary Movie

8. At one time ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was called: Head  Cheese

9. ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was filmed in chronological order.

10. The barf used in ‘The Exorcist’ was actually Andersen’s Pea Soup.

I can totally see Shatner’s face in Halloween now, Mork (Williams) would have made a great psycho and Head Cheese would have been a great name for Chainsaw Massacre!

Here is the full list of 34: http://bzfd.it/1d6SsVY

Anymore cool facts to throw in the list?