John Belushi last meal lentil soup

John Belushi is seen by many as a comedy god! A shining light that burned out far too soon, his own fault due to the severe beating he gave his body with drugs and alcohol. His death from heroin abuse is a sad and sorry tale but his legend will endure and we can all remember him for the good things he brought this world.

Now something more trivial, what on earth was his last meal?

Well, it was reportedly a simple lentil soup. He ate the meal at Rainbow Bar & Grill, so at least he got to experience it in some level of comfort!

I like lentils but would be sad for this to be my last meal!

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Kate Gosselin nanny spy on kids phone conversations with jon

Kate Gosselin and her ex Jon have pretty much been a mainstay of gossipy media since they had their reality show. Now split for many years the pair have constantly been at each others throats (the media reports that Kate is more so than Jon) and they manage to fill a lot of pages with their fighting.

Earlier this year Radar brought forward some disturbing gossip on Kate. It claimed that her Nannies were given a secret book of rules. Rules that demanded perfection for things like looking after the chicken flock.

However some of the more disturbing things to come out were claims that rules were imposed telling Nannies to listen in and limit conversations between her kids and their father Jon. Effectively being her eyes and ears and playing a kind of spy / PI role for the mother.

This just isn’t right by anyone’s standards (if true) and of course is sad news for anyone who takes on such a role!

Read more about this on Radar:

Courtney Love ordered Jessica LaBrie to hire hacker forge documents

Being an assistant to a celebrity can be a hard job but a dream for many. However there are more and more lawsuits and claims from former workers to megastars that money is owed, they were made to do unreasonable things and more!

A few years ago a lawsuit was put forward by a former worker to Courteney Love, Kurt Cobain’s wife, known to be an active addict and often caught up in the media.

On top of claims that around $30,000 were owed to her assistant Jessica LaBrie also made some other crazy claims. Claims that were downright illegal!

The Fix reported that

But Labrie’s most striking claim is that her opposition to “fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts” which she was asked to commit—such as “hire a computer hacker and send fake legal correspondence”—was a “motivating factor” behind the ill-treatment and constructive termination she allegedly suffered at Courtney Love’s hands. “Such actions are unlawful and retaliatory,” state the documents, condemning Love’s “deliberate, outrageous, despicable conduct.”

You can read more about this here:

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Pumpkin carving can be a messy business and on top of that a dangerous one! You really have to work with those knives and it’s certainly not a great activity for young kids or those who don’t have super steady hands! Luckily if the idea of brandishing a knife and cutting open a pumpkin terrifies you there are no carve options to still have fun and make use of the fall vegetable!

Here are a few ideas:


The simplest of them all! Get the thick school style paint (sadly watercolors won’t really work!) and get to work. The kids will have an amazing time and the adults can release their inner Picasso!


Get a blunt knife and etch the skin by slowly scratching away the top layer. You can even color the edtched area after for extra effect.

Decorating with lights, strings and ornaments

Just get creative and drape all manor of items around the orange ball of goodness! They can look awesome with roughly wrapped fairly lights!

As they are

A bunch of pumpkins untouched still look cool on Halloween! Just leave them be but don’t be surprised if they get smashed!

Your ideas?

C’mon we know you can come up with some more creative ideas or have seen some great things done without carving. Let us know in the comments section below.

Happy Halloween!

Britney Spears drugs bodyguard Tony Barretto custody case deposition

Back in 2008 Britney was fighting a battle for her kids with father Kevin Federline. An ex bodyguard who was fired when he failed to hear an instruction to pick up a hat was brought as a secret witness during the trial and he gave a deposition.

Talking to In Touch Tony Barreto’s attorney Gloria Allred said “We discussed several issues, including Britney’s drug use, her nudity and her ability to drive with her children,”  and they reported that Allred says Barretto’s two-hour deposition was in preparation for her client to testify in the Spears-Federline matter when it goes to trial. “If she were my client, I’d have her in check and she’d be at court on time,” Allred says.

You can read a little more about the whole mess here:



Jennifer O’neill fame monster $1 million

Jennifer O’neil famously worked with Lady Gaga during the 2009-2011 Monster’s Ball tour. Of course only famously because the pair entered a bitter court battle over unpaid overtime and O’neil branded the star with a barrage of bad names including calling her a “f**cking Hood Rat” and various other things! Clearly the pair don’t get along!

Being in a position as she was there was a lot of access and potential dirt to dish on the big star so it’s no suprise that a Tell All is now in the works. Atria Books have confirmed the deal worth around $1 million but have yet to receive the manuscript!

We wonder if there will be any court interuption to claims made by O’neil in the book!

She basically labelled her time with Gaga as a hell where she couldn’t sleep or do anything without being needed to work. She even said she had to sleep in the bed with Gaga!

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Lena Dunham reaction Jezebel unretouched photos

Back in February Lena Dunham had a photoshoot published with Vogue. The images were clearly heavily retouched and it sparked a negative reaction from some sources.

So Jezebel launched an initially well meaning campaign against the mags editors for the heavy retouching and unrealistic body view of women. The mag offered $10k for the original unretouched photos of Dunham.

However the whole thing, at least from Dunham’s POV, turned into a bit of a personal attack and lost the original intention.

Here is an excerpt from comments published on the Huff.

“That was messed up,” Dunham told Grantland’s Bill Simmons during a recent sit-down. “I think Jezebel can be really smart and funny. I think it’s just, like, once you’ve been attacked in that way it’s hard to enjoy. Its hard to enjoy once you feel like they’ve made such a kind of monumental error in their approach to feminism.”

“I just can’t sort of be half in,” she said. “It felt gross … I don’t know [if they feel they did wrong] because I didn’t talk to the woman who did it directly. I can’t imagine the reaction made her feel particularly great … Once they did post the unretouched images of me that looked so similar … It was the most minimal retouching. I felt completely respected by Vogue. I felt, like, ‘Thank you for removing the one line from my face because I’m 27 years old and I shouldn’t have that line there and I appreciate this.'”

Read  more here:

It’s a hard line to straddle, trying to stop this heavy retouching but not personally attacking people!

Do you think Lena reacted in the wrong way? Should she have embraced the photos like Kim Kardashian did?

Cost Princess Diana Charles wedding

Charles and Diana had the wedding of the century back in the early 80s. Although Will has since had a wedding that lives up to that of his mother the legacy of the epic event still looms.

But how costly was the mega event?

With 3000 guests at St Paul’s in London the wedding was one of a kind and reportedly cost $64million!

Kim Kardashian complex reaction so what I have a little cellulite

When Kim Kardashian appeared on the Complex magazine website unphotoshopped it caused a bit of a storm. As much as this could have been a clever bit of marketing it seems it was a mistake and Complex removed the images after a few hours in favor of a crisp photoshopped version.

However the mistake maybe actually did Kim a good deed as she was able to take the photo, feature it on her own website and make a bold statement.

She took to her site and said

“So what: I have a little cellulite,” Kardashian wrote in a blog entry entitled “Yes, I am complex!” “What curvy girl doesn’t?!”

And she has also said:

“I’m proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn’t mean I’m perfect,”

To hear an icon of her status admit imperfection (well what the media has us believe is imperfection) is a great thing in our eyes and we respect Kim for coming out and saying this.

What do you think?

Americas hottest housing markets 2014

So where on earth are Americas hottest housing markets for 2014? CNN took a look earlier this year and below is an overview of what they found:

Oakland, Calif.
Median home price : $545,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 9.3%

Fort Worth, Texas
Median home price : $181,300
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8.9%

New Orleans
Median home price : $163,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8.7%

Richmond, Va.
Median home price : $220,600
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8.5%

Hartford, Conn.
Median home price : $234,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8.3%

Tampa, Fla.
Median home price : $177,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8%

Median home price : $299,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 8%

Birmingham, Ala.
Median home price : $174,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 7.8%

New York
Median home price : $440,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 7.4%

Memphis, Tenn.
Median home price : $122,000
Forecast gain through Sept. 2014: 7.3%

It will be interesting at the end of the year to see how accurate the predictions were. Read more on CNN.