Chess deaths leave sour note at Norway tournament after two participants die

Two deaths have left a sour note at a Norway chess tournament after two participants died in unrelated deaths.

The first death happened to during play, a 67 year old participant, a member of the Seychelles team, collapsed during the final round against Rwanda. When the emergency help came in people scurried thinking the defibrillator was a gun!

The second death was a man found dead in his hotel room. He was a player from Uzbekistan.

Both deaths have no suspicion of foul play and were said to be of natural causes.

Incredibly sad!

The kids of ‘Harry Potter’ then and now Toofab

The kids of ‘Harry Potter’ then and now Toofab - The casting for Harry Potter all those years ago was a big deal. Harry was so imprinted in people’s minds that people all had an opinion about what he should look like. Then when little Daniel Radcliffe was shown the world many rejoiced and many said “That’s not Harry!”. But now, many years later Radcliffe is very much Harry, I would imagine when J.K thinks of Harry she now thinks of Radcliffe! He took the role and grew as an actor, despite recently saying he hated his Potter acting!

The other characters were contentious too, some said Hermione was not geeky enough, some complained about Ron but now they are the characters after many years. It’s made it difficult for the actors to grow past those roles but they are working on it and some very successfully now.

The internet of course still casts them in the light of Potter, many ogle now at the chubby Neville Longbottom’s turn as a swan from his previous ugly duckling status, many are surprised at the rap career trying to be made by the blonde baddie! They talk about what a great actor Ron became and what a genuine nice bloke he seems!

Anyway, Toofab put together a pretty cool then and now gallery. It’s interesting to see the pictures side by side!

See the gallery here.

Inside Robin Williams’ Addiction Battle

The sadness of the passing of a true comedy genius and manic soul is far reaching. The world stopped when it heard of the passing of Robin Williams. However his apparent suicide was a dark one, one that hurts even those who knew very little about him. He will be missed so badly.

I wanted to share my thoughts as published on another blog, Frugal Zeitgeist, they can be seen below….

I’m not going to pretend here that I know anything about the late Robin Williams personal battles or what drove him to his apparent suicide.

I do know the world has lost yet another bright star and the universe is noticably dimmer for the loss.

Robin Williams lit up and made the best of almost every project he was cast too however behind the over the top mania a man with addicted demons and serious down swings existed. The confidence in the world we saw was likely countered with equal self hate and he was extremely open about the addictions he fought for his entire life.

When I heard the news of his death I was of course shocked but we must remember he was yet another great man who suffered a much under publicised ilnness. Depression is only a part of what he suffered and addiction often is yet another part.

Robin Williams was bi-polar, manic depressive. Like many comedy greats (and other greats too) he suffered a very real illness.

Robin will be missed so so sorely but the media needs to be straight up and stop along this depression path, in my opinion.

Read more about manic depression and Robin Williams in Psychology Today here.

The feistiest females in showbiz

To survive in the world of entertainment without having a breakdown you have to be a strong independent woman. However some woman are extra feisty and we love them for that!

Jennifer Lawrence is the feisty woman of the moment but we can’t forget people like Madonna who has been feisty for decades now! Pop stars like Rihanna are up there too!

MSN put together a slideshow showing their picks and it can be see here:

Top 10 movies that transformed cinema

A lot of movies drastically changed cinema and often it’s the special effects that are the game changer but of course only when paired with a mesmerising story!

So what 10 movies would I personally say changed cinema?

1. Star Wars – Of course before the saga there was sci fi but after the saga it became a genre to be reckoned with.

2. Jurassic Park – Still a beautiful classic this movie pushed 3d graphics beyond anything ever seen and used animatronics with stunning effect.

3. The Matrix – It has to be said! Bullet time was a game changer for good and bad but The Matrix pushed the storyline world too and really built a classic despite some wooden acting and a few bad sequels!

4. Toy Story – This movie put Pixar on the map and led to a whole new world of cartoons! Some of the best movie moments ever have been played out in 3d now thanks to the work of Pixar.

5. Tron – Ugly in some ways but cool in others the Disney classic made a new kind of world.

6. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Not much special effecs but cockney’s have been dong bad things on the big screen ever since!

7. Gladiator – This movie brough the style of the epic back but used state of the art tech to bring Rome (inacurately) back to live.

Ok, there are 3 spaces! Now it’s over to you in the comments!!! Do you agree with my first choices?

79 Insane Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At The Animal Kingdom Buzzfeed

79 Insane Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At The Animal Kingdom Buzzfeed – The animal kingdom really is a place of never ending wonder! I love animals and honestly day after day I learn new things that blow my mind.

We are making more and more steps to learn more about animals but the more we learn the less we understand, to some degree, we know they are insanely complex and their social structures and sheer intelligence is much higher than early science would have suggested. We are making headway in understanding and even communicating!

Buzzfeed have put together an excellent list with a whole bunch of insane facts! We won’t republish their whole list but here are the last 20.

59. The king cobra is also the largest venomous snake at up to 18 feet long, and can rear itself up to six feet off the ground — enough to tower over many humans.
60. The narwhal has two teeth, one of which can grow into a nearly-nine-foot-long tusk in males.
61. Dominant male elephant seals collect a harem of 40 to 50 females during breeding season.
62. Also, southern elephant seals can reach depths of nearly a mile into the ocean and are able to hold their breath for two hours.
63. Chameleons don’t change colors to match their surroundings, but to show emotions and specific reactions.
64. No two tigers have the exact same stripes.
65.The three-foot-long tusks of a walrus, which grow throughout their lives, are actually canine teeth.
66. The coelacanth, a bizarre-looking fish, was thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, only to be rediscovered in 1938.
67. A snowy owl may eat up to 1,600 lemmings a year — three to five every day.
68. When anacondas mate, several competing males can form a ball around a female in a ritual that can last up to a month.
69. When a queen bee dies, worker bees create a new queen by feeding a female bee “royal jelly” that makes her fertile.
70. Queen bees also regulate the activity of a hive by releasing a chemical into the air that guides other bees’ behavior.
71. Ancient Greek dentists used the venom from stingrays as an anesthetic.
72. Arabian camels rarely sweat, but are capable of drinking 30 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes.
73. The largest bald eagle nest on record was 20 feet high and weighed two tons.
74. The sperm whale eats about a ton of fish and squid every day.
75. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean and can leap out of the water at speeds of up to 68 miles per hour.
76. Alligators have been around for 150 million years.
77. A hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds of meat in one meal.
78. Ruby-throated hummingbirds beat their wings at a rate of 53 times per second, and can fly backwards and upside down in addition to hovering.
79. Koalas are actually not bears — they’re marsupials — and they sleep for 18 hours a day.

Now head on over to Buzzfeed to see the full list here:

College football: 10 most disappointing Heisman Trophy winners

The Heisman is a great achievement but it’s no guarantee and you can’t just give up and expect success after the accolade! In fact there are a fair few winners who never did live up to their potential.

Below are 10 chosen by Fox.

10. Tim Tebow

9. Jason White

8. Eric Crouch

7. Pat Sullivan

6. Terry Baker

5. Matt Leinart

4. Danny Wuerffel

3. Gino Toretta

3. Archie Griffin

1. Andre Ware

See the slideshow and full details here.

The Tebow choice is contentious in some ways!

The Best Way to Soften Butter, Fast Food52

When in a hurry trying to soften butter can result in a mess, overboiling it in the microwave, messing it up in a pan and getting the exact opposite of what you need! Leaving it as is at room temperature can take far too long!

So how can you soften it? Well Food 52 shared a great tip and here it is below:

Here’s how:

1. Set an unwrapped stick of cold butter on a piece of plastic wrap on the counter or slab. Cover the butter with another piece of plastic, and start whacking it with a rolling pin to flatten it somewhat. Flip the butter and plastic wrap over, and whack until the butter is about 1/2 inch thick all over.

If all you need is pliable butter, stop after step 2. For softened butter at room temperature, continue on through to step 3. — but don’t forget to read the fine print below.

2. Continue whacking the butter. Uncover and fold it in halves or thirds, then cover again and either knead it with your fist or continue to whack, repeating until the butter is suitably pliable. It will still be quite cool.

3. Roll the butter — already whacked to a 1/2-inch thickness — gently with the rolling pin to make it flat on both sides and slightly thinner, about a generous 1/4 inch. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Flip it over to a new spot on the counter and let it rest another 5 minutes. Put the butter into a mixing bowl now. If it’s not quite at room temperature yet, it will be in a matter of minutes; if you were to leave it on the counter, it would get too warm.

Get more details in their full article here.

Toilet cleaner conman Timothy Giles pretended to be a Qantas pilot to dupe woman into a relationship

A Toilet cleaner conman named Timothy Giles pretended to be a Qantas plane pilot to dupe woman into a relationship! We can understand him being shy about his job but it seems he took his lying too far!

The 46 year old built up an online lie showing him as a jet-setting pilot living a glamorous life. Using images downloaded from the net he created the lie and duped women on a dating website.

He was eventually arrested at the home of one of his victims in Devon, UK, after he had duped another out of some cash.

He built up a complex life story and was playing more than one woman!

In 2013 he was caught impersonating a policeman so this is something he has a history of.

His true story was that he was an unemployed ex toilet cleaner, and of course a convincing conman!

Read more about the story here:

Kim Kardashian’s ‘meth face’ used by police department website as warning to drug users

An image of Kim Kardashian’s ‘meth face’ was used by a police department website as a warning to drug users in the US sparking some to fear the megastar had started using meth!

The Bradley County, Tennessee Sheriff Department said that a volunteer had photoshopped the reality star to simulate what she could look like if she started using the narcotic.

The image shows a blotchy and less than pretty picture of the star and it’s thought the idea was that using the star would shock people more than real meth faces of unknown people.

Of course some people too to Twitter to show shock and surprise that Kim was now a user!

Of course Kardashian has not authorized the image and who knows if her camp will take any action but the police dept say the image has been removed, they had no idea it was part of the gallery and the volunteer responsible is no longer with them!

Do a Google search for Kim Kardashian meth face and you’ll quickly find the image. We didn’t want to publish here just in case she takes action to remove it!