Pile of ancience skulls found

Pile of ancience skulls found – 150 human skulls is not normally a find anyone wants to come across but when they happen to be ancient then it’s not quite so bad, in fact it is rather interesting!

Pile of ancience skulls found

So where were they found, exactly how ancient are they and why are they there? Lets take a look at the story.

The story comes from this months scientific journal Latin American Antiquity and talks of how a group of researches in Mexico unearthed the skulls now thought to be around 1000 years old.

The field where the body-less skulls were found actually used to be a lake called Lake Xaltocan and were likely part of a mass human sacrifice. If this becomes the accepted reason then it will become the largest mass sacrifice evidence in Meso-America. What’s also interesting is that it’s rural and not in a major city. Evidence of mass sacrifice, believed to be for religious purposes, is normally associated with large city sites.

Of course there could be another explanation for the skulls. Maybe it was a dumping ground and the killings happened elsewhere (in a major city). Maybe the heads were removed after death (although I am sure that has been checked as best as they can). Maybe there is something else not thought of yet to explain the find?

I find these brutal finds very sad but extremely interesting. What do you think? Should we even be disturbing these finds?

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