Serial dine and dasher busted

Serial dine and dasher busted – I remember people joking about ‘doing a runner’ at a restaurant but never actually saw it happen! Who does this kind of thing? Well it seems there is at least one person and he was a serial (not cereal) offender…. Guess what though, Facebook helped him get identified!

Serial dine and dasher busted

He ran out on $100 bill at Brewer’s Cabinet and the restaurant posted a picture of him from their security cameras on their Facebook page. It warned others to watch out for him.

They wrote:

“And, while you’re at it, you could tell him that visiting restaurants with your friends, running up a huge bill, roughing up servers and then bailing is pretty uncool … pathetic, really. Get a life, man.”

Which we would all have to agree with!

Well after around 800 shares he was identified as Reno man Saul Zelaznog and was subsequently arrested. One of the upsides of having invasive things like Facebook and a definite win for crowd sourcing!

Have you ever left a bill at a restaurant? Did you go back and pay? – Serial dine and dasher busted

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