Tips for giving dogs as gifts

A dog is for life not just for…. Yeah, yeah I know you have heard it all before, so much so that it probably just rolls off as a saying and not something you really strongly think about. The thing is that saying started out because of a real need for people to take a real long hard think about animals they were buying as gifts that were being neglected after their cuteness wore off.

Tips for giving dogs as gifts

Tips for giving dogs as gifts

A dog is for life is a single important tip that can never be forgotten. Taking on an animal is a life long responsibility, at least for the lifetime of the dog.

Now, dog is also man’s (or woman’s) best friend so as a gift they can be one of the most wonderful and memorable gifts every given. So on that not let us look at some tips for giving a dog to an adult or a child as a gift.

1. consider conditions the dog will be going into – Different dogs require different settings. Some need lots of space, some prefer cold weather, some warmer, some love to swim, some love to chase and fetch. Consider what conditions the dog can be given with the receiver for the duration of it’s life.

2. Don’t ever, ever, ever buy from a mill and maybe even give breeders a miss – I don’t want to hate completely on the breeding industry but there are so many abandoned and ill treated dogs in the world that need a home I can’t see much sense in ever buying from a breeder. The industry needs to be kind of not supported all the time there is a surplus of dogs out there! Once they are all homed the sure go back to ethical breeders but never ever support commercial mills which are as bad as battery farms.

3. Find out what kind of dog the receiver may like – This may take some stealth hint dropping but you need to make sure the kind of dog you get suits the new owners tastes. A big floppy slobbery dog just isn’t for some and likewise a snappy little terrier is not for others!

4. Make sure you are around as a godparent! – If you give a gift like a dog you need to be around to make sure it gets treated right. Be there to take care of it when the owner goes away, when it needs extra love and care for it when you can like a godparent!

5. Your tips – So now let us expand on this list. We need to know what additional tips you can think of and if you have made any mistakes buying pets as gifts in the past? Will you be buying a dog for anyone this holiday season or anytime in the coming year? Has anyone ever purchased a dog or any other animal for you?

Thanks for reading, we look forward to your feedback.

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